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Saturday, October 20, 2007

The Chief Kosite Has Nothing To Brag About, Actually

This is the little blurb at the Blog Awards site. Too bad a Conservative Blogger beat them out of 1st place. The KOSmonoffs came in 4th, as it stands right now.

These cretins are a sad and fraudulent lot. they cannot even be honest in what they represent.

I have added my own comments in blue and bracketed.

Markos Moulitsas -- a.k.a. "kos" -- created Daily Kos on May 26, 2002, in those dark days when an oppressive and war-crazed administration suppressed all dissent as unpatriotic and treasonous. {Can you believe that pile of shiite? Ever notice how the faint of heart always prattle on and on with their opinions based in unsubstantiated silliness? Those "dark days"? What is this? SciFi? Greek Mythology? "In the land of the Soggy Bottomed Enchanted Forests of Galdergog...! LOL! please. Give THAT one a rest!} As a veteran, Moulitsas was offended that the freedoms he pledged his life for were so carelessly being tossed aside by the reckless and destructive Republican administration. {And here we go again with the emotional outreach to fellow ignorant imps. And, I, as a veteran am offended that the veteran called Kos has discarded his Oath Of Service in order to get millions of a fellow socialists money to rid the world of the United States Constitution that this pig called Kos theoretically once swore an oath to defend against. But, alas! I am not a veteran that can be spun by the child Kos so my words will be censored and bantered about as unkind. Double Standards bought and paid for by Socialist Soros.} Daily Kos has grown in those five years to the premier political community in the United States, with traffic of about 600,000 daily visits. {And, Kos, where did you get the funds to obtain this status? I question your patriotism, fool and I question your morality, fool. Oh. And, before you get too carried away with your daily visits tally. Why not tell everyone that even the New Media visits your retarded and shallow site to see what the enemy is up to? LOL!! Silly little people.} (Click on the rainbow box at the bottom of the page for up-to-date stats.) {Sweet. A rainbow. Is that why you were drummed out of the force? Just wondering.} Among luminaries posting diaries on the site are President Jimmy Carter, {nothing to brag about there, eh? The WORSE American President there ever was or may very well be. Carter is singularly responsible for the Iranian quagmire and he gave the Panama Canal away to whom? And you praise the fool?} Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, {the grand land fraud mouse of a man, the man that spits on our veterans and current fighting men and women, the imp that his own state hates, and you praise the fool?} Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, {the worse SoH that ever embarrassed this country as a whole, the violator of The Logan Act, the would-be President, the idiot that bemoans, attacks and belittles our military on every turn, and wants a United Socialist States of America, North, South and Central, that woman? And you praise this shallow elf of a cad?} and dozens of other senators, congressmen, and governors. {All socialistic in their thinking and takes illicit monies via illicit sources, all fueled and funded by the Socialist Soros? Those pigs and anti-Americanists? And you prais these coreless wonders?} But, even more exciting than that, tens of thousands of regular Americans have used Daily Kos to lend their voice to a political world once the domain of the rich, connected, and powerful. {You mean like Soros and others equally wealthy? But, we suppose it is OK for the wealthy that think as you do, you know, the ones in Hollyweird. I suppose the Double Standard there doesn't bother you one bit. Just the ones that are reaping the benefits of a Capitalist Society...oh...wait...Soros did that...never mind} Daily Kos is run by a staff of two -- Moulitsas and a programmer. {You forgot about the funds from Soros there, slick.} In 2007, parent company Kos Media, LLC began a fellowship program to help fund a new generation of progressive activists. {Oh, come on. Tell everyone the truth about exactly what a "progressive activist" is. Judas Priest, fool! Have some guts. Tell the truth for once in your life, you cowardly imp and useless blob of lies and deceit! Come out of your closet, little one. Be brave. Come on. Tell us what a "progressive" is. Too cowardly? Thought so.} About a dozen contributing editors contribute content for the site, with 3-4 new editors being chosen from the Daily Kos community every year. {And we all know what they are. Sallow little-minded wastes of life. Little whining titty babies sucking on the nipples of Soros. Got milk?}

Truly folks. The KOSmonoffs really have nothing to brag about.