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Thursday, October 18, 2007

New Spelling for "loser": Democratic Party Leadership

So, if you ever want to call someone a "loser" from now on, just call them a leader of the democratic party. That way, you are calling George Soros a loser as well, seeing that the phony patriot "owns" the democratic party and wants to rid the constitution of, well, itself. He hates the United States Constitution because he cannot get the American People to go along with his One World Socialist Agenda if 100+ million of us own and WILL use guns to ENSURE that George Soros and his ilk do NOT succeed.

I wonder how far the little billionaire would go to push the issue? He would more than likely piss himself and soil his undies.

Anyway, with the East Coast and West Coast successful Troll Trouncings, coupled with other news today, this was a GLORIOUS day for True American Patriots. Here is what I am yacking about.

Gateway Pundit:
President Bush bashed the very unpopular "do nothing" democratic Congress on their horrible record today.

Obviously, Americans expect more from the "do-nothing" Democratic Congress besides sabotaging the troops in Iraq and bashing Four Star Generals when they come to visit.

[...] (go read the rest...OUTSTANDING! Short and sweet yet to the point.)

The Weekly Standard: (on the FISA quagmire...self-induced)

Perhaps most amusing of all, when forced to explain why they blocked a floor debate, Democrats said it was important to move swiftly to reauthorize the law. Never mind that it was they who insisted the law expire quickly; if this was really their view then they would schedule a vote to extend the measure as is--since the votes were clearly there for such a measure.

Now, after this abuse of process and national security, what does the left say when Republicans use the one procedural opportunity afforded them to force Democrats to cast a difficult vote?

'They're not playing fair.'

Read the breathless explanations on the left--from DailyKos, ThinkProgress, TalkingPointsMemo. They all say the same thing: Cantor's motion-to-recommit was unfair because it called for a vote on something already in the bill, and some Democrats would have looked bad if they voted against it. It was 'trickery.' If that's the best argument they can come up with, Soros's money is being wasted.

The Leftinistra are losers, plain and simple. When they don't get their way, they grab their ball and go home.


Power Line:

House Democrats have been forced to pull their proposed legislation to change the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) because they couldn't round up enough support among Dems who need the votes of non-liberals to be re-elected. You probably recall that the Democratic leadership was embarrassed two months ago when these same non-leftist Dems joined with Republicans to pass a temporary FISA fix so that our intelligence agencies could monitor the overseas communications of terrorists without obtaining a warrant. Still unwilling to provide the administration with the FISA fix it needs to ensure the gathering of information vital to the national security, the Democratic leadership has been slapped down again by members of its own caucus.


Amazing. The Leftinistra are the leaders of the democratic party and, they are losers.

For GWB to be the dumbest and worse President over, he sure does Bush Slap the Leftinistra around quite a bit. What does THAT say for the idiots that walk into his traps?