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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Washington Compost and Sadly Stupid...Updated

The Washington Cesspool has a piece out today entitled, The Real Iraq We Knew. Along the same lines, the idiot that uses government property or, so it is said by an anonymous and undisclosed source, to blog has a piece up entitled, UH OH, SOMEONE TELL RUSH - 12 MORE "PHONY SOLDIERS. The GOMERS at 'Loon have a piece up entitled, Must be more "phony soldiers".

There are more and equally ignorant pieces along these lines at memeorandum, catch the wave, and what do they all have in common? Simple. Total and complete and willful ignorance. They got snookered by their stupid leaders such as ReidCo and have been shown the back door and it hit them on the ass on the way out.

What was that "phony soldier" flap all about? And who has egg on their faces and who is digging their Abyss of Obscurity even deeper and deeper? The Leftinistra whores of the anti-Americanist organizations such as Sadly Retarded, 'Loon, MoveOnWeAreRetarded and other such childish and useless units of despair. Losers all. Their influence has waned almost to nil and they hate it.

They lash out grasping for those soggy paper straws and there is nothing to get a grip on. Must be sad to be in their shoes seeing their rhetoric being hammered into the cesspools of ignorance, such as it is.

It seems that there are 12 former Captains that have said some things that the Leftinistra are trying to dig into something that it isn't. Simply amazing.

Jules Crittenden:

Iraq is a benighted, corrupt country. Political can of worms. New systems overlaid on old. True. Corruption will probably remain a fact for a long time. Practical political power structures are a work in progess.

Not enough troops to maintain in Iraq. Maybe, maybe not. The expansion of the Army is being excelerated. How many troops are needed depends on what happens, and so far, progress is not only good but gaining momentum.

Surge successes illusory, have only pushed insurgents elsewhere. Evidence increasingly suggests this is false, in fact that the captains’ are grossly misrepresenting the situation. The captains fail to note the dramatic spread of the Awakening movement even into Shiite areas.


Captain's Quarters


The Washington Post has a must-read critique of the Iraq War written by veterans of the mission, similar to one written for the New York Times earlier this year. The twelve former captains of the Army write about their personal experiences and frustrations with force levels and the lack of progress. They make some good points, but the best point comes from the Post itself at the end of the piece:

This column was written by 12 former Army captains: Jason Blindauer served in Babil and Baghdad in 2003 and 2005. Elizabeth Bostwick served in Salah Ad Din and An Najaf in 2004. Jeffrey Bouldin served in Al Anbar, Baghdad and Ninevah in 2006. Jason Bugajski served in Diyala in 2004. Anton Kemps served in Babil and Baghdad in 2003 and 2005. Kristy (Luken) McCormick served in Ninevah in 2003. Luis Carlos Montalván served in Anbar, Baghdad and Nineveh in 2003 and 2005. William Murphy served in Babil and Baghdad in 2003 and 2005. Josh Rizzo served in Baghdad in 2006. William "Jamie" Ruehl served in Nineveh in 2004. Gregg Tharp served in Babil and Baghdad in 2003 and 2005. Gary Williams served in Baghdad in 2003.

Of the twelve captains that wrote this article, not one of them has served in Iraq since General David Petraeus took over command of the mission. Not one of them served with the higher force levels that have been deployed to Iraq. None of them served during the Anbar Awakening. Most of them last served in 2005, two years ago.


Paper straws the Leftinistra have and the straws are dripping wet with stupidity, wishful thinking and blind anti-Americanist subversion. They do not hold water.

Blackfive wants to know if 12 prior service veterans trumps the 7 82nd ABN NCOs
Since the 7 NCOs from the 82nd ABN writing in the NY Times didn't trigger the cut & run required we now get to hear from the dozen Captains, I assume followed by a pack of privates and ending with "two turtlenecks and a beer in a tree"


Any takers?