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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Dissolve DHS? Hell YEAH!!

Why promote and/or sanction an organization that bends over backwards for our enemies? With all of the bluster and fluster over the vaunted Department of Homeland Security, it has become a clearing house for Leftinistra hacks and political whores of all stripes. Too harsh? Stop reading and go elsewhere. Thin-skinned morons need not apply.

Debbie Schlussel has a column at the NYPost today and she has a few questions as well.
Why are Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents all over the country livid with their boss? And why should you be, too?
I have been "outraged" at this travesty of a department since its inception. I saw it as a dinosaur and a tax money sponge from the get go.

Michelle Malkin, much to the chagrin of the Leftinistra idgits, has a piece up as well.
I’ve written extensively on the mess at DHS and the crony appointments with little to no experience in immigration law enforcement who populate the upper echelons of DHS management. Debbie Schlussel has also been on the case for a long time and has a new column in the NYPost on the toxic mix of cronyism and dhimmitude. ICE head and crony appointment Julie Myers is set to speak tonight in Dearborn at a joint known derisively as the “Hezbollah Social Club.” Peachy: (read the rest by clicking here)
This is called sucking up, pandering and catering to the enemy in the name of "negotiating" of which the enemy sees as a major weakness. Why should our tax dollars go to a useless project such as slipping into bed with the enemy? Name me ONE time that negotiations with the Jihadists has EVER helped bring peace anywhere. Just one. Any takers? All it does is to aid the spineless wimps at State the good feeling that at least they tried.

The ONLY time you negotiate a peace with the enemy is when you have them at the edge of a bottomless pit into which you will push them if they do not lay down their arms. When the enemy is utterly defeated, THAT is when you negotiate a peace.

While we are at it, while dissolving the DHS, we can go ahead and dissolve the State Department as well. Look at all the monies we will save.

JULIE Myers, the head of the U.S. Immigration and Cus toms Enforcement agency (ICE), is set to deliver tonight's keynote address in Dearborn, Mich., to a group that honors lax judges - including ones who interfere with enforcement of our immigration laws. What's worse, the head of the group - the Michigan American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee - is a suspected former terrorist who repeatedly violated U.S. immigration laws, then used political ties to avoid deportation.

The venue: a place known to local cops and federal agents as "The Hezbollah Social Club." Yes, Dearborn, Mich.'s Bint Jebail Cultural Center is named after the village in south Lebanon that sheltered the terror group's chief, Hassan Nasrallah, during last year's Hezbollah-Israel war. Rockets are shot from Bint Jebail into Israel even today.

The Dearborn center has hosted many pro-Hezbollah rallies featuring fiery anti-Semitic, anti-Christian and anti-American speeches. (At one rally I attended last year, Haj Mohammed Turfe, the center's founding chairman, won raucous applause for saying he looked forward to Armageddon because "only a few thousand Jews will survive.") Federal agents tell me it has also been the site of gatherings of Hezbollah agents and money launderers.

But it's the man who's hosting Myers that has ICE agents aghast. The head of the Michigan ADC is Imad Hamad - who, while living in California, allegedly recruited, organized and fund-raised for the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP). More, federal officials fought for almost two decades to deport him.

Immigration officials believed they had solid evidence that Hamad had stayed in America long after his visa expired, engaged in marriage fraud to stay here and concealed his PFLP ties on various immigration documents. Surveillance videos showed him engaged in various activities for PFLP. But Sen. Carl Levin (D-Michigan) got the Clinton administration to end the fight to deport Hamad, and instead grant him citizenship

Hamad's recent behavior has also been interesting. He openly supports Hezbollah, Hamas and other anti-Israel terror groups. And federal official are investigating his close ties to LIFE For Relief and Development, a Muslim charity raided by both the FBI (in America) and U.S. troops (in Iraq). The charity gave millions to a group the FBI identified as Hamas' Jordanian operation; law-enforcement sources also tell me it's suspected of funding al Qaeda insurgents in Iraq.

It sends the wrong message to those who are trying to come to America the right way and abiding by our immigration laws.

Then's there is the event's purpose. The stated point of the ADC's "Judges Night" is to honor judges who go out of their way for the "civil liberties" of Arab defendants. One recent honoree had stopped ICE agents from deporting over 100 Muslim illegal aliens who'd allegedly been caught paying off an immigration official. Another honoree refused to allow ICE agents to testify in court on the terrorism aspects of a case of a man they stopped at Detroit Metro Airport carrying a fake bank check for $12 million.

That our nation's top immigration enforcer would attend an event hosted by a multiple immigration-law violator and terrorism supporter - an event that honors judges who make it harder for ICE agents to do their job - is a travesty.

This is unacceptable.

What in the hell is wrong with these people? What is their end-game?