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Friday, October 19, 2007

Troll J.B. Poersch Exposes ITS Stupidity

No wonder the DNC likes this guy. Even when and after the SCHIP quagmire of hiding behind a child and using the family as a screen for their untoward attempt to pull the wool over the eyes of the American People was exposed, this idiot continues on with the usual disingenuous and retarded rhetoric, reminiscent of a spoiled brat, repeating their lies.

I received an email from a friend for my amusement and to post. This is the email forwarded to me. I shall rip this apart because it is all too easy. Trolls are trolls no matter their level of involvement within the rank and file of the Leftinistra.

It's the GOP Deceit of the Week

Republicans sliming and swiftboating should come as no surprise, but picking on a middle school student is low - even for the GOP.
Read the above as follows: those damn right wing bloggers sure got the goods on us and we must find a way to spin this incident and blame someone else because we got caught lying, didn't do our homework on this family and now, the American people know without a doubt that this whole SCHIP deal is a major scam.

We tried to convince everyone that 80% of the people wanted this but we didn't tell all...they want it AFTER the scam is fixed.

The Kentucky press has been reporting on a story involving an aide for Republican Sen. Mitch McConnell who was spreading false rumors about a 12-year-old boy and his family. Then when McConnell was asked about the incident, he failed to set the record straight.
Read the above as follows: Mitch won't play fairly and won't bow to our pressures because that damn Silent Majority isn't silent anymore and there are way too many of them and they have infiltrated our ranks and we can no longer keep any secrets from anyone.

DAMN the luck!!

The 12-year-old bravely advocated for S-CHIP, the Children's Health Insurance Program that provided much-needed health care coverage for him and his sister after a car crash. McConnell has already voted twice to block S-CHIP, and then his aide was trying to drag a kid's name through the mud in a failed attempt to further make his point.

Sen. McConnell should know to pick on someone his own size.
Read the above as follows: waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!! We got caught with our knickers down and we got spanked and exposed for what we are...liars and frauds. Next time, we will have to do a better job at finding a family that CANNOT afford anything. Why won't the others let us have our own way that we have enjoyed all these years! WHY??

Open season

The last time the open-seat Senate numbers looked this good for Democrats was in 1958.
Read the above as follows: we are frothing at the mouth and it has been so long since we had control over the American people that we cannot afford to lose this next election cycle. If we do, we won't be in the White house for another 30+ years. If that happens, I will wet myself and soil my panties.

New Mexico Sen. Pete Domenici recently announced his retirement, marking the fifth GOP senator to opt against re-election in '08. Another open seat means another chance for a pick-up with no incumbent standing in our way. There will be a Republican primary though, and voters will have an unfortunate choice to make.
Read the above as follows: there is no one better than us at lies, deceit and smear campaigns. We are the Masters of it but we have to careful. The Silent Majority is speaking up but we still think they are really stupid. We must carefully weigh in and hope to Satan that we can prey on the emotions of the weak-kneed slow in intellect people and defeat any Conservative that tries to jump in and screw things up for us.

Rep. Heather Wilson is Republican candidate #1. She's voted for Big-Oil tax breaks, rejected the 9/11 committee recommendations, and voted 4 times this year against troop withdrawal in Iraq. Not surprisingly, she votes with Bush 85 percent of the time.
Read the above as follows: if the United States wins this war, we are all sunk and that Abyss of Obscurity that that damnable Snooper keeps yapping about will become an actuality.

But Rep. Steve Pearce, GOP candidate #2, will do you one better. At least 93 percent of the time, this right-winger votes with the president. Both Republican candidates are in a race for who can be more loyal to George W. Bush.
Read the above as follows: the guy that we have said time and time again as being the most stupid guy ever in the White House has outmaneuvered us, outsmarted us and outgunned us at every turn and now we really look stupid. Not that we are because we are perfect and have never made any errors that we couldn't successfully blame someone else for.

In short, the above mentioned folks are a major danger to us and we must succeed at smearing them really bad.

To quit or not to quit

There's stick-to-itiveness and then there's Republican Mike Johanns. When he threw his hat in the ring for the Nebraska Senate race, some seemed surprised that Johanns would depart from the Bush administration at such a critical time. After all, agriculture means a lot to Nebraskans and he skipped out before finishing the Farm Bill.

But anyone who knows anything about Mike Johanns would realize he has played leap-frog from one post to the next, never finishing a job he was elected to do. He's bailed as governor, mayor, city councilmember and now as Secretary of Agriculture for George W. Bush.

Mike Johanns will trample over the needs of his constituents in a rush to his next career move, and the DSCC's media response project has launched a new ad to remind Nebraskans of his disappointing, unreliable record.
Read the above as follows: Even though this guy shows us up at every turn also, we must continue with the lies and deception we are so damn good at!

Tim Johnson's all in

Just moments ago, Sen. Tim Johnson announced that he is running for re-election, rounding out a full ballot of Democratic incumbents in the Senate.

All of our senators are now waging re-election bids, while Republicans have to defend 22 seats in the Senate, including fielding candidates in 5 states where their incumbents won't run again.

Backed by 11 fellow Democratic incumbents, Sen. Johnson is hitting the campaign trail in South Dakota. And he's ready to win.
Read the above as follows: THIS guy is a TRUE socialist and will be GREAT at pulling wool and we cannot afford for the skeletons (and boy are there ever some) from falling out of the cages in the attic...the closets are too small. We must get the True Americans, the far left-wing moonbats of the fruit loop brigades to get on board with these folks so we must paint a pretty picture that they are as anti-American as they are.

Former governor, future senator

These are the kind of poll numbers I love to see.

New Hampshire candidate for Senate Jeanne Shaheen, a former 3-term governor, leads GOP incumbent John Sununu 54-38, according to a poll released this month. Shaheen is running a top-notch campaign in a state hungry for change.

In Virginia, a poll released this week shows former Gov. Mark Warner leading either of his likely opponents by 24 points. Whether he runs against Jim Gilmore or Tom Davis, the Democrat is favored 51-27.

Our opponents in New Hampshire and Virginia are buried in the polls, and it's the DSCC's job to make sure they're not digging their way out.
Read the above as follows: our Komrade, George Soros, is pouring millions into buying the Presidency and we will do our part to ensure that those damn Constitutionalists are buried. We are in the process of buying the poll results we so desire. After all, we blow with the wind and we must ensure that the wind blows in the direction we need it to blow.

We can no longer rely on the RINOs that Soros bought because they might redevelop a spine and moral fortitude and Satan knows that we cannot have anyone of substance in Congress. That way, in about 6 to 8 years, we can finally have the Utopian Society that we all want. we will have all the money and those idiots that trusted us will be like the poor slogs in THE old USSR.

Even though Utopia actually means No Place, it sure sounds good.

The power of one (million)

The rubber has hit the road in the third quarter for a bunch of our candidates as fundraising numbers have just crossed my desk. Rep. Mark Udall in Colorado, Sen. Tom Harkin in Iowa, Sen. Max Baucus in Montana, and former Gov. Mark Warner in Virginia all raised $1 million in just one fiscal quarter. This is no small feat.

Democratic candidates are working hard to raise the money it takes to silence the GOP spin, but the DSCC needs to be there with grassroots support and instant response ads to answer every underhanded attack.

Because even when the numbers look good, we know that the fight isn't over until Election Day.
Read the above as follows: LOL!! Little does anyone know but the funds are coming from George Soros, illegally but the filters in place will take years to decipher and by then, it will be too late. We just have to be sure that the 2nd Amendment is nullified and all weapons confiscated. We don't have what it takes to fight 100+ million gun owners. Can you imagine if we had to like, actually have to fight someone? Good Satan below us all!

It will be much better for all of us to lie and cheat our way into power because honesty and personal integrity just makes life harder for everyone.

Let's keep it up,

J.B. Poersch, Moron, PhD BS