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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Defeatism IS In Its Death Throes

There is a great article today at Townhall by Cliff May. The article takes two pages of electron distribution and is well worth the read. Therein, one will read the following:


Is it ignorance or partisanship that makes so many politicians and media moguls blind to what has been happening in Iraq over recent months? Do they really not understand the dramatic change in strategy implemented by Gen. David Petraeus, the new American commander in Iraq?

That key to that strategy, known as the “surge,” is not the number of troops deployed – though a minimum force size is necessary -- but rather how they are utilized. Col. Wayne W. Grigsby, Jr., who commands a “surge” brigade based in a mixed Sunni and Shia area near Baghdad, made it simple for me in a phone conversation this week: “We do not commute to work,” he said. “We live in the towns with the people we are here to help.”

That means providing them with security – gathering intelligence from them about where the terrorists are hiding, and then eliminating them, their safe havens, their bomb factories and their weapons caches. Do that and the bloodshed begins to subside.

“The Iraqi people are fed up with the violence and with the extremists, both Sunni and Shia,” Grigsby said. Far from “resisting” the American troops in their communities, “they want to join the fight and protect their neighborhoods. They are coming to us and saying, ‘How can we help? We don’t want to live like this.’”

The fact that the anti-Americanists haven't a clue what this war is about is all too painfully obvious. The mind melting monies offered by George Soros to corrupt the innocents cannot go unchallenged and defeated.

Unlike the days of the Vietnam War era "revolutionaries", we are here to counter the objectives of the mindless trolls that spew out and regurgitate ignorant rants as so dictated by the likes of The Head Troll In Charge Soros.

Even the pathetic SoH Pelosi knows deep down that her and the ill-fated rhetoric of her genre of socialists know they have lost yet continue to try and distract and confuse issues.

And now bin Laden has to choose: send his most capable lieutenants to try to reheat the insurgency in Iraq; or cede the battlefield to the Americans and the majority of Iraqis who have no interest either in blowing people up or embracing the al-Qaeda way of life.

The first course risks losing combatants who could otherwise be promoting al-Qaeda’s agenda in Hamburg or New Jersey. As for the second course, bin Laden has said that the “world war” raging in Iraq will end in “either victory and glory, or misery and humiliation.”

At this moment, al-Qaeda in Iraq seems likely to suffer the latter. Confronted by America’s adaptable, agile and courageous military forces, its only hope is divine intervention – and maybe the U.S. Congress.


The only way the United States can lose this war is if the Enemies Within our own government, which is funded and dictated to by the George Soros Traitor and seditious scoundrel, are able to wrangle defeat from the jaws of victory.

This isn't going to happen.

We will not let that happen.

Let's roll, shall we?