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Monday, October 8, 2007

Congress Vows To Restrict Intelligence Gathering...UPDATED and Bumped

Original post is right here at the top and the update is at the end...Lawrence Korb from 'Loon...

The current crop of CONgress Critters are the worse there ever was and perhaps worse than there ever will be in the future. The current crop MUST be removed from office as their election cycles come up. They have been infected by Political Correctness, Wind Direction Politics, Poll Fever, Multiculturalism, Bleeding Heart Stupidity and identity Politics.

In recent days, the House has declared its "udder" stupidity in meddling into affairs it has no idea of how to manage let alone micro-manage and that which it does not understand.

House votes to place contractors in war zones under U.S. law
The House on Thursday overwhelmingly voted to place all private contractors working in Iraq and other combat zones under the jurisdiction of U.S. courts, as Congress continues to probe last month's deadly shootings in Baghdad by Blackwater USA employees.

The 389-30 vote expanding the scope of the existing Military Extraterritorial Jurisdiction Act came despite the strong opposition of the Bush administration, which objected to its broad application to a wide range of contractors working for U.S. agencies overseas. read more


This tells me that 389 are complete and total fools and 30 had their heads in fresh air. If they knew what these men did for their country and the sacrifices they make that NO ONE knows about except for their families and even then - sometimes not - they wouldn't act so high and mighty and holier-than-thou. Perhaps the LWPQC units should unite and go have a "parlez"? Nah. We wouldn't want the poor and depraved CONgress Pukes to piss themselves...would we?

This a blatant idiocy and it has no merit and it cannot be enforced. US Law does not extend to foreign lands. That is why there exists the UCMJ.




Catch the wave

And the idgits at Firedoglake wade in with their dog feces stuck to their shoes.

UPDATE: this is really sad. If these idiots knew what the "contractors" have accomplished through the years to the benefit of the country as a whole, these little men at 'Loon would more than likely yellow their white socks and soil their panties.
The deadly shooting of Iraqi civilians by guards working for Blackwater USA in Baghdad on Sept. 16 should raise many questions about the role of private contractors in U.S. national security. So, too, should the Bush administration's opposition to a House bill that seeks to place all private contractors in Iraq and other combat zones under the jurisdiction of U.S. courts.


This is more Leftinistra smoke and mirrors for the ignorant to latch onto. This is also more of that ignorant whining that since they don't know a certain thing and their emotions are dribbling down their legs and no one will give them the time of day, they want to take their ball and go home. Along these lines, this is more crapolla about tying the hands of intelligence gathering types all in the name of touchy-feely garbage.

One of these days, perhaps not in our lifetime, these pathetic worms on the Loser Left are going to actually find out exactly what happened and why before their shallow emotional BS takes over their frontal lobes and they plunge into preconceived ignorance.

Do we really need these pukes around?

The Huff and Blow children weigh in on topics they know NOTHING about...as usual.

Last week's Blackwater hearings provided yet another instance of how the Bush presidency has forced us to examine what kind of nation we are. Already on the table are questions like: Are we a nation that tortures people? Are we a nation of laws? Are we a nation where the judgment of the chief executive is beyond the reach of the law? And now another: are we okay with a bunch of lawless mercenaries being the public face of the U.S.?