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Friday, October 12, 2007

Thank You "mister" Clinton For The USS Cole

Good evening America.

Do you remember the USS Cole?

I do.

Good evening America. Do you remember these sailors?

Electronics Technician
Chief Petty Officer
Richard Costelow
Morrisville, Pennsylvania

James Rodrick McDaniels,
Norfolk, Virgi

Operations Specialist Second Class
Timothy Lamont Saunders,
Ringgold, Virgina

Seaman Apprentice
Craig Bryan Wibberley,
Williamsport, Maryland

Mess Management Specialist Seaman
Lakeina Monique Francis,
Woodleaf, North Carolina

Engineman Second Class
Marc Ian Nieto,
Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin

Engineman Fireman
Joshua Langdon Parlett,
Churchville, Maryland

Electronics Warfare Technician First Class
Kevin Shawn Rux,
Portland, North Dakota

Gary Graham Swenchonis, Jr.,
Rockport, Texas

Signalman Seaman Recruit
Cherone Louis Gunn,
Rex, Georgia

Seaman Recruit
Lakiba Nicole Palmer,
San Diego, California

Andrew Triplett,
Macon, Mississippi

Hull Maintenance Technician Third Class
Kenneth Eugene Clodfelter,
Mechanicsville, Virginia

Information Systems Technician Seaman
Timothy Lee Gauna,
Rice, Texas

Electronics Warfare Technician Second Class
Ronald Scott Owens,
Vero Beach, Florida

Fireman Apprentice
Patrick Howard Roy,
Keedysville, Maryland

Mess Management Specialist Third Class
Ronchester Mananga Santiago,
Kingsville, Texas


As the Lame Stream Media caters and panders to our enemies; as President George Bush grants homage to the proponents of Ramadan; as we bow to Achmadenijad and allow the orchestration of his crimes against our troops to move forward; as we praise an individual that wins the Nobel Peace Prize granted to a liar of the Global Warming Myth; as we watch our congress fall all over themselves giving our country away to the likes of L.O.S.T.; as we watch our congress work their worthless fingers off ensuring that Turkey turns on us in the GWOT; as our Fighting Men and Women are performing the jobs they volunteered for; as we go about our every day microwave mentality states of mind; today was the 7th Anniversary of the attack on the USS Cole...and we did nothing.

An act of war was perpetrated against the United States and our politicians sat idly by while America sleeps eating their crumpets.

To the USS Cole and her crew, I salute you and I, Snooper, shall never forget.

From Newsbusters:

Today is the seventh anniversary of that attack. Seventeen American sailors were killed and thirty-eight injured in the attack which severely damaged the ship. Yet not a single major media organ has reported this so far.

Attacking a warship has been long viewed as an act of war. The most recent example occurred in 1968 when North Korea attacked the USS Pueblo. To our national shame, the Pueblo is still in the hands of that country. A rather more forceful response occurred in 1941, when Japan attacked the US Pacific Fleet at anchor in Pearl Harbor.


I am ashamed of the Lame Stream Media. I am ashamed of America for what she has become. It is time to heal our land.

A friend of mine says so succinctly:


To the families who lost members in the bombing of the Cole, God bless you, each and every one. We know your loss is great, and we thank you for the service of those members of your family.

To the American Media: shame on you. ALL of you.

To the jihadists:

We ain't done with ya'll yet...

Once and Always, an American Fighting Man


Catch the wave