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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Move America Forward is going to Berkeley

Listen up California Patriots.

Remember recently when we showed you the illiterate Code Pinko's, the little darlings of the left, defacing a recruiters office, in Berkeley?

Can't even spell when defacing things...sheeeesh.

Well, Move America Forward remembers and they are stepping up to the plate and taking action again.

Snagged from Melanie Morgan, chairman of Move America Forward's, website. (With full permission of course, thank you Melanie)


CONTACT: Mary Pearson, Deputy Executive Director, Move America ForwardTel: (916) 441-6197 or Email: info@MoveAmericaForward.org

Wednesday, October 17th – Noon:


Move America Forward Organizes Pro-Troop Demonstration to Counter Code Pink Protests & Harassment at Berkeley U.S. Marine Recruiting Office

(SAN FRANCISCO) -- In response to ongoing efforts by the liberal organization, Code Pink, to harass, intimidate and ultimately chase the U.S. military out of the greater San Francisco Bay Area, a patriotic, pro-troop counter demonstration will take place next Wednesday, October 17, 2007 at 12:00 Noon at the U.S. Marine Recruiting Center in Berkeley, California (located at 64 Shattuck Sq. in Berkeley, CA).

The pro-troop rally is being organized by the northern California-based non-profit group, Move America Forward (website: www.MoveAmericaForward.org), which has grown to become the nation’s largest pro-troop organization.

“We’re sick and tired of the constant attacks against our military personnel here in the San Francisco Bay Area, and we’re going to take action to defend the honor and integrity of this nation’s military men and women” said Melanie Morgan, Chairman of Move America Forward.

The anti-war and anti-military group, Code Pink: Women for Peace, has been conducting weekly vigil-protests in front of the U.S. Marine Corps recruiting station in Berkeley, CA.

Controversy over the protests came to a head last week when Code Pink protesters took it upon themselves to deface the building and attempt to interfere with Marine Corps recruiters and their ability to do their jobs. Code Pink’s objective is ‘chase’ the Marine Corps, and the military out of Berkeley completely.

In recent media reports, Code Pink advocates are quoted as saying they were “shocked and horrified” that the Marine Corps has a presence in Berkeley and inferring that the Marines prey on children.

Code Pink activists have been caught on video calling Military recruiters ‘traitors’ and harassing Marine Corps Captain Richard Lund while he was just trying to do his job.

Now, Move America Forward and other patriotic Americans from the Bay Area are organizing to defend the integrity of Captain Lund and say THANK YOU to all our brave soldiers who are fighting to protect our freedoms in Iraq and other theatres in the War on Terror.

“Those who have been harassing our men and women in uniform do not even realize that they are attacking that which gives them freedom, security and liberty,” said Melanie Morgan.

Complete Details Online: www.MoveAmericaForward.org

Of course, the left, not liking the fact that patriotic Americans, like Melanie and Move America Forward are stepping up to show our Military the support they deserve are trying their age old tactic of lying, smearing and misrepresenting this counterprotest as well as the last one.

Remember the last event Move America sponsored was a 3,000+ mile trip across the country with 27 rally stops along the way, where not one person on the pro-support the troops side, was arrested versus over 200 anti-war protesters being arrested.

Slander Alert! The Left pulling another 'Phony Soldier' campaign.


Move America Forward has been alerted to the anonymous blogger who calls himself 'Spockos Brain" --the same coward who began an advertiser boycott against KSFO Radio in San Francisco, myself, Lee Rodgers, and Brian Sussman over a year ago. He is now posting about how I 'incited violence' at the GOE/EaglesUp/VetsforFreedom rally in Washington, D.C. and how I am "calling for violence" at the counter-demonstration against CodePink at the Berkeley Marine Recruiting Center next Wednesday.

This crackpot with a keyboard is fueling the same folks (Media Matters) who attacked Rush Limbaugh over the 'phony soldiers' story two weeks ago.


Deborah Johns, a Blue Star Mom whose son William is standing by for his fourth deployment to Iraq, was defending herself in Washington, D.C.

It is telling that the left continues to back the idea that nobody should protect herself: not America and not a woman attacked by peace protesters with a punch.

Apparently, the Left only feels it is appropriate to strike first, as Al Qaida did on Sept. 11 and as this woman did to Deborah.

Warmest Regards,
Melanie Morgan
KSFO Radio
Chairman, Move America Forward

Keep up with the Details at the Move America Forward website.

Show up, show our military some support and show these Code Pinko's that they will not be allowed to attack out military without true patriots being there to defend them.

If you are near there or are planning to travel there to join in on the 17th, please remember...I WANT PICTURES AND UPDATES DURING THE DAY DAMMIT. (Hint hint Melanie)

(Additional note: Although Move America Forward is not asking for donations, you can help this and other pro-support efforts by donating, if you do not have the means to donate, you can be there, if you cannot be there you can cross post this message and if you do not have a website or blog you can leave it in comment sections to help spread the word to those that can be there--- there is always a way to show your support for our fine, brave military---Susan Duclos)

(Note from Melanie- from email)

Spree's website is the best place for activism news that gets spread around the blogosphere, that's why I am so honored she is posting news about our counter-demonstration against the Code Pink Pepto-Dismal crowd.

The same people who call our troops 'traitors and assassins' are the same people who lie about me over and over again.

I'm a big girl --I can handle it.

But what makes me truly unhinged is when the honor and integrity of the fine young men and women is impugned.

That's why hundreds of people are planning to join up and send a clear message across America and to our troops overseas ---No Blood Slander Of Our Troops! We support you AND your mission!

Thank-you Spree and your readers for getting out the news.
Melanie Morgan

Okay folks...what are we waiting for? Lets get this message out.

Cross posted from Wake up America