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Monday, October 8, 2007

James Carroll Paints Columbus Day Red

The modern version of Karl Marx is at it again. This individual really is a fool and ITS articles are "Rather" incoherent. I suppose that is why so many of the feeble-minded are so easily led astray by the short hairs from true American Patriotism.

Just a few weeks ago, the incoherent writer of drivel opined about Labor Day and what it means and today, Columbus Day, the wannabe Engelsesque tripish sad-sack is at it again.

The pathetic crowds of the anti-Americanists of which "mister" Carroll is surely a member thereof should actually move to where they can give Marxism a real try out...not here. We will not stand for it in this country any longer. The Conservative Tsunami will wash this puke out to sea as well.

Captain Ed wrote of this fool back here and today here:

We heard from James Carroll five weeks ago, when he attempted to argue that "Marxism has yet to be really tried" as a Labor Day analysis, which emphasized the first two syllables. Today we celebrate Columbus Day, and since it's yet another Monday holiday, Carroll returns yet again to the pages of the Boston Globe to tell us what it means. It involves African slavery, nuclear weapons, and torture, but surprisingly, nothing about Christopher Columbus:

IF COLUMBUS is the beginning of the story, and, say, Lincoln is the middle, what is the end? Each episode of the American narrative surfaced a problem, which prompted attempts to resolve it, which led in turn to a new problem. This movement from problem to resolution to new problem and ever new efforts to fix things is what makes the American story great.

So Columbus arrived in 1492, but carried the European virus of ideological absolutism - what led Queen Isabella to expel Jews from Spain that same year. Such absolutism sparked Old World religious wars, and Puritan dissenters defied it by coming to America. But they brought their own version of that absolutism. John Winthrop's City on a Hill was a religiously gated community (no "pagans" or Quakers), with the magistrate empowered to coerce conformity. Therefore Roger Williams proposed the separation of church and state. By Jefferson's time, though, that distinction justified the separation of private morality from public ethics. Private morality meant he and others could keep the private property called slaves.

Abraham Lincoln presided at the altar on which the bloody sacrifice of civil war was justified by "freedom," but no sooner had redemptive violence (". . .as He died to make men holy, let us die to make men free") saved the nation's soul than it spawned the Indian genocide, and the Jim Crow betrayal of blacks. In the name of freedom, the United States conquered a continent, and claimed a hemisphere - a destiny whose virtue was manifest against corrupt European imperialism. In the American Century, the nation born in rejection of ideological absolutism called itself capital of "the free world," but redemptive violence went nuclear, and defense of that freedom required absolute readiness to destroy the world. The chill of Cold War "realism" froze the American conscience.

I would have bet money that no columnist in America could have painted such an incoherent and essentially false version of 500 years of Western civilization in just three paragraphs. People of intellectual heft generally have to spend years on dissertations being this dishonest and biased. Carroll may be the most efficient intellectual fraud in North America, a status to which he laid claim on Labor Day as well.


Go read the rest at Captain's Quarters. It will not disappoint.

Sadly, many in this country have been caught up in the Leftinistra dogma of socialism and communism from the educational institutions in this country. The book The Naked Communist explains it in great detail and the gist of it all casn be read here in The List of 45. Therein, one will detect that which drives the insane such as the Carrollites of the world...stupidity and ignorance.