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Monday, November 5, 2007

An Anti-Americanist At the KOSmonoff Club Whines

Snooper begins his morning finding idiots to trounce.

What do stupid people and morons have in common? They write for the Daily Kos. That's what.

Retirement has its drawbacks and rewards. The drawback could be the reward and the reward could be the drawback. Either way, having fun is a way of life for me now. There are no lead and steel high-speed projectiles racing towards me any more but the battle(s) still rage(s). This is merely another front to this war that has been waged against us and we have the upper hand now. This is plainly scaring the bejeebers out of the insignificant imps of the anti-Americanist Leftinistra. As a reminder for some, a Leftinistra is a member of the army of the socialist liberal, primarily found residing and hiding, as cowards do, within the Democratic Party. There are some within the Republican Party and have the infamous tag of RINO.

All one has to do is pay attention and from the "lack of news items" about the war curiously AWOL from the front pages of the usual suspects, one concludes that there is indeed Good News. And, that Good News is we are winning the War In Iraq. Thus, a new tactic has sprung up from the infected and inflamed bowels of the Hate America Brigades...they aren't going to pay taxes anymore. Curious, that.

If and when taxes are utilized to further the socialist agendas such as the UFO Boy Kucinich and The Idgit Rengel, coupled with the "million things Hillary" want to do, then, paying taxes would be a good thing. As long as those evil corporations are taxed to oblivion, and similar sentiments, things are OK.

However, financing the war effort to ensure the very freedoms these KOSmonoff morons are reaping the rewards thereof, mores the pity. Can't have peace in the world because it costs too much. They would much "Rather" have a Socialists' Utopia. One of these days, these idiots are going to find out that "utopia" means No Place. Go figure.

Meteor Blades yaps:
[...] We won't wait anymore. Since Congress, particularly the congressional leadership, refuses to do so, my wife and I are personally defunding the war and occupation of Iraq. We refuse for the foreseeable future to surrender the portion of our taxes that pays for U.S. imperialism and the militarization which backs it up. We're inventing nothing, merely joining with thousands of other war-tax protesters whose history on the North American continent dates back to 1637 when the Algonquins refused to pay a Dutch tax levied to remodel a fort built in the midst of these Indians to control them on their own land.

Our action may seem pitiful in that it amounts to cutting off money to Iraq for about as long as it takes you to read half this sentence. Moreover, if it wishes, the government can extract even that pittance from us by force. But only if officials are willing to expend more money to collect from us than they will obtain in the process.

We take this action reluctantly, fully aware of the potential consequences. But Congress leaves us no choice. [...]
The fool said "we". I am just wondering if IT is referring to that mouse in ITS pocket or that marble rolling around inside ITS head as a BB would do in a Boxcar.

I am also wondering what the child's reaction would be if those of us that vastly outnumber their worthless existence were to not pay taxes to finance their Entitlement Tax Suckers.

Besides, their numbers are so insignificant, CONgress won't feel a thing.