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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Netroots Dying...Irrelevancy Is Their Name

Pathetic. Purely pathetic. The KOSmonoff mcjoan has a piece today where the sentiment is as follows:
The netroots as a movement is still a work in progress. But it seems that we're on the right track, because we're sure getting the right enemies. [...]
The enemies "they" are attracting are the Silent Majority, silent no more. And, to add insult to injury, there are more of us than there are of them. Thus the never ending whining. the article goes on to yammer and pontificate the usual netroots (read that as fruit loops) chants of "We're number one!". Whereas that may have been the perceived reality at one point in time, it "IS", however, a dying force and the proper way to address the netroots is simply to conduct the funeral and bury the memory...the international embarrassment of the anti-Americanists which, they are.

At one time, it was generally accepted that the netroots were the voice of The Vast Majority of Americans. They are finding out differently and that could not be happier news to reveal. What have they achieved? Digging their own Abyss of Obscurity is nothing to boast about but they do work really hard AT Digging that Abyss.

For example (one of many that can be pointed to): Hunter from the KOSmonoffs
Look, if we have Clinton as our nominee I'll certainly work to get her elected. But Clinton is an establishment Democrat in every possible sense of the word. Somewhere along the line, "establishment" Democrats abandoned populism, instead being convinced by an army of some of the worst political consultants to ever grace the halls of power that in order to win you had to court the mythical middle, and that the mythical middle was, bafflingly, corporate-leaning moderate conservatives, in spite of the fact that polls at every step of the way showed more support for progressive positions than conservative ones. [...]
Notice to hunter and fellow passe netroots types. We in The new Media have exposed what the term "progressive" is and the vast majority of Americans do not accept socialism/communism notions of government induced servitude. Hillary has been shown beyond a shadow of a doubt to be a budding Leninist and no matter the spin, "progressivism" in this country is DOA. Hillary hasn't a snowballs chance in hell to make it back to the White House so she can fondle the items she tried to take with her the last time Czarina was there. Get over it.

Why a very small and insignificant number of people want to "progress" backwards into a socialist state is not "progressive"...it is digressive and will not be tolerated any longer. They can dissent all they want to without fear of being sent to gulags as socialist nations send their dissenters. Think about that for a moment and then ask yourselves that same question and then add this one; "Why would we want to have a form of government that imprisons dissenters?". I would like to know the answer to that.

What the netroots fail to accept is this...they have been used, screwed, rode hard and put up wet. They are insignificant and irrelevant. Their chief alleged proponent was SOH Nancy Pelosi and she has since turned her back on them as soon as she obtained her short-termed goal.

Poor netroots. Laughing at them is fun.