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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The Leftinistra (Democrats)...An International Embarrassment - Rubber Chicken Award Issued

The Daily Kos proves the point here.

Don Surber straightens the KOSmonoffs out:
'Dennis Kucinich is on a quest of his own. He sees flying saucers and he acts like one, too'

That's from Alcee Hastings. Suffice it to say, Democratic leaders are pissed at Dennis for bringing up impeachment

I love it. Fox News is reporting that the Democratic leaders in Congress are seething over Dennis Kucinich for dragging impeachment onto the political stage.

Kucinich is an embarrassment to the party. He's like the Crazy Aunt who spills all the family secrets.

They want him to go back into the attic.

Republicans are handing him a megaphone. Spill, Auntie Dennis, spill.

Democratic Congressman Alcee Hastings had the line of the day. Hastings was impeached as a federal judge over bribery before he was elected to Congress, where bribery is called campaign contributions.

Irony, Dennis Kucinich barely survived a recall vote midway through his one 2-year term as mayor of Cleveland in the 1970s.

Hastings told Fox News: "Dennis Kucinich is on a quest of his own. He sees flying saucers and he acts like one, too." [...]
Gateway Pundit, The Weekly Standard and Michelle Malkin explain reality to UFO Boy...

Amy Proctor has this choice gem:
[...]I'm a federal contractor here at Fort Leavenworth, KS. I see first hand, day in and day out, the damage the Congress' lolly-gagging does on real business. We don't have the funds to buy necessary materials and equipment to function. This is the most effective and ethical Congress in history? I don't think so. It's the most retarded. I'd suggest Congress stop pretending to work hard and actually start doing it, for all our sakes, particularly in the military. They say they support the troops but won't pass military appropriations bills. Well, Democratic Congressmen, military families are waiting. [...]
Exactly so. I will add that the singularly WORSE "majority" led CONgress in the history of the United States, finds it to be a good thing to waste tax payers funds chasing UFOs, strawmen and shadow boxing. And they dare whine about GWB's approval ratings. Pathetic.

The Newsblobbers drivel the usual idiocy.

One of the Loons at 'Loon, Rebecca Traister regurgitates the Hate Speech we are all accustomed to from some imps:
[...] You are lying to yourselves. In a quest for an "electable," "not insane" presidential candidate, you are willfully overlooking the candidate who actually comes closest to representing the things in which you really believe: justice and peace and the basic freedoms that should be afforded to every American, regardless of race, class, religion, gender, sexual orientation or galactic origin. In an effort to distance yourself from the squish of the Birkenstock and the stench of the patchouli, you have convinced yourself that compromise and pragmatism light the path to the White House. And you are correct. But still, before walking listlessly down the aisle toward our impending union with tepid centrism, let's rip our clothes off for one final, ill-advised fling with ideological honesty. [...]

And, you MUST go over to Redstate!!

Sister Toldjah:
[...] Why won't they press to impeach a man many of them believe is a "war criminal"? Politics, of course - which is also exactly why they haven't tried to impeach the President. They know their base would support it, but I'm sure they've done extensive polling which suggests that the rest of America doesn't support it. If they believed a majority of the American people would be on board with it, they'd be all over the Kucinich resolution in a New York minute. [...]
And, oddly enough, I agree, mostly, with Talk Left!!
Can we please look forward instead of back? I don't want to waste time trying to impeach Dick Cheney or George Bush.

Let's spend our energy trying to get a better President and Vice President in 2008.

Both parties in Congress today played games with Dennis Kucinich's impeachment bill. It now goes to the Judiciary Committee where I bet it never sees the light of day or debate. [...]
My friend Susan:
[...] Bottom line is the Republicans turned the tables on the Democrats and forced them to vote to send it to the Judiciary Committee to kill it.

Wait for the netroots reactions, I will update with them as they come in.

The nutty roots are beginning to understand what just happened. [...]
Catch the wave.

Kucinich becomes Snooper's second recipient of the Rubber Chicken Award, as initiated by my friends at Wake Up America.

Welcome, UFO Boy!