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Friday, November 9, 2007

MEMRI...The Jihadi Watchers

~Snooper here~

This is where I, Snooper, get quite a bit of my data about the Jihadi scum that worship, adore and blindly follow the false god and prophet of Islam. Islam's Founder was a pedophile and a mass murderer.

MEMRI puts out so much information, it is difficult to follow piece-meal. I gather their posts, articles and videos and hen place them in a MEMRI Media round Up. Follow the links and learn of the Global Threat of murderous Islam.

Al-Qaeda Member's Account of His Stay in Iran

Columnist Fares bin Hazam, who specializes in issues relating to Al--Qaeda in Saudi Arabia, published in the Saudi daily Al--Riyadh a personal account by a former Al-Qaeda member of Saudi origin. The article, titled "Iran Recruits Members to Al-Qaeda at Tens of Thousands Dollars a Month," describes the assistance the former fighter and his friends received from Iranian authorities after they fled Afghanistan, as well as Iranian attempts to recruit him as an Iranian agent in Saudi Arabia.

The following are excerpts from the account:

"After the disintegration of the Taliban and Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan at the end of 2001 as a result of the American attack and the coming to power of other Afghan forces in the country, instructions were received from our leadership to retreat from Kabul in the direction of Kandahar. In the month of Ramadan, we received instructions from our commander to leave for Iran in order to seek refuge there. We arrived in Iran via Pakistan, where we did not stay very long. Our group consisted of about 30 fighters, among them Faisal Al-Dakhil, 'Amr Al-Shehri [both killed in 2004] and other prominent figures wanted by the Saudi government.

"We were aware that Afghani [Islamist] leader Gulboddin Hekmatyar, who resided in Iran [at that time], was acting as an intermediary and liaison [between us and] Iran's Revolutionary Guards. Hekmatyar promised us accommodation in the border city of Zehdan [in southeastern Iran], where the majority of the residents are Baluchi Sunnis. There we met with Al-Qaeda commander Abu Hafs Al-Mauritani, who had earlier opposed the September 11 attacks. [Al-Mauritani] assured us that we were in a safe place, and that we would be questioned by Iranian intelligence services in Teheran, who would provide for all our needs during our stay in Iran.

"Our numbers dwindled: only 10 of us remained after about two-thirds of our group disappeared , Al-Dakhil and Al-Shehri among them. We moved to Teheran and met with the interrogators. They proposed that I collaborate with them from abroad, [that is] from my country [Saudi Arabia] supplying them with information that they would need in the future. Their offer shocked me. I declined, and then was overcome with fear that the refusal would [harm the chances of] my release and return to my country. The interrogator began enticing me: '[You will receive] a monthly salary of 410,000, an Iranian passport, and military training with Hizbullah in Lebanon.' [...]
Editor of Saudi Liberal Daily Reveals Iranian-Saudi Sparring at the Istanbul Conference
In an editorial on November 8, 2007, Jamal Ahmad Khashogji, editor-in-chief of the liberal Saudi daily Al-Watan, reveals the diplomatic sparring that took place at the Istanbul Conference between Saudi Foreign Minister Saud Al-Faisal and Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki. Khashogji wrote that for all Iran's talk about Islamic unity, Iran is in fact contributing to sectarian division. [...]
Arab Columnists: The Annapolis Summit Will Serve Arab Interests
As the Annapolis summit draws near, Arab columnists have been publishing articles emphasizing that the summit will serve Arab interests. The articles argue that it is imperative for the Arabs to support the summit, since it will bring stability to the region, promote a solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict, put an end to the exploitation of the Palestinian issue by the "unholy alliance" of Iran, Syria and Hamas, and even serve as a deterrent to Iran. [...]


Leader of Indonesian Jama'a Islamiyya Abu Bakr Al-Ba'shir: I Support Bombings in America, But Not in the Muslim World (video here)
The following are excerpts from an interview with Abu Bakr Ba'shir, spiritual leader of Al-Gama'a Al-Islamiyya in Indonesia, which aired on Al-Arabiya TV on October 26, 2007.

"Democracy Runs Counter to Islam, Because it Emphasizes the Sovereignty of the People, Whereas Islam Emphasizes the Sovereignty of Allah" [...]
Did you catch that? "Democracy runs counter to Islam"...ANY QUESTIONS?

Kuwaiti MP Praises Jihad, Advises Bin Laden On Avoiding Mistakes In Al-Qaeda's Jihad

Ramadhan TV Show: Saudi Cleric Muhammad Al-'Arifi Explains Wife-Beating in Islam to Young Muslims (video here)
Muhammad Al-Arifi: "Men beat women more often than women beat men. I said that some women beat their husbands because this happens, but it is rare, and there is no need to hold conferences on wives who beat their husbands. I believe this is less prevalent, because by nature, the body of the man...In most cases, Allah made the body of men stronger than the body of women. Therefore, you and your sister...You may be taller than your mother, right? If your mother is ill, you may be able to carry her, but she cannot carry you. Allah created women with these delicate, fragile, supple, and soft bodies, because they use their emotions more than they use their bodies. Therefore, while the man may use beating to discipline his wife, she sometimes uses her tears to discipline him. He gets what he wants by screaming, while she gets what she wants from him by crying and displaying emotions. For men, women's emotions may be fiercer than the strike of a sword." [... ]
These people are not only back asswards, they are really and truly sick between the ears.

Al-Jama'a Al-Salafiyya in Libya Joins Al-Qaeda
On November 3, 2007, Al-Qaeda's media production company Al-Sahab posted on the Islamist website, which is hosted by NOC4Hosts Inc., Tampa, FL, USA,, a video titled "Unity of the Ranks.' In this video, Al-Zawahiri and Sheikh Abu Al-Layth Al-Libi, a prominent Al-Qaeda figure of Libyan origin who is currently in Afghanistan, announce the decision by the Al-Jama'a Al-Salafiyya Al-Muqatila in Libya to join Al-Qaeda. The video appears to be an attempt by Al-Qaeda to demonstrate growth and success in the face of the major setbacks it is experiencing in Iraq and Algeria.

al-Zawahiri: "Your Devoted Sons Are Uniting Under the Banner of Islam and Jihad" [...]
Saudi Columnist on MEMRI's Report About Islamophobia on YouTube
Egyptian Columnist Criticizes Lack of Tolerance in the Arab World
Al-Sharq al-Awsat Editor: After U.S. Withdrawal, Gulf Will Be "Under the Siege of the Islamic Revolution and Under the Pressure of Syrian Meddling"
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