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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A Barking Moonbat Yaps ITS Yapper


The vast majority of moonbats we slay here at A Newt One often leap to conclusions due to their inability to check their emotions at the door. When they are exposed as being ineffective, uneducated, unknowing and, well, FOS, they get all emotional.

This particular moonbat accused me of banning ITS useless and retarded shiite. Regardless as to who banned the sorry flea-bag is irrelevant. This is our blog and our rules. Our desire for the free flow of rational thought does no infringe on some poor slog's "rights".

The poor troll moonbat does not have the "right" to be deceptive, foul, disruptive and ignorant on this blog. Perhaps on ITS own blog, that would be acceptable.

Regardless, here are the two emails I received:

Mark InIrvine 2:34 pm (44 minutes ago)

date Nov 27, 2007 2:34 PM
subject Ha ha ha - COWARD!
signed-by gmail.com

Hey Stupor: I always knew you were a coward - you can't respond to the information I posted on your web page, so to protect yourself from the embarrassment of being found out to be stupid, you have banned me from posting on your site! Ha ha ha. It is you who are the troll, nitwit! You ask for legal citations and I give them to you, but I knew you wouldn't be able to deal with the actual law from the Supreme Court, rather than your ignorant deluded fantasy of what the law is. What a fucking joke. It's a good thing we have the First Amendment in this Country, because in a decent totalitarian state (like you want to impose on the USA), you'd be shut down immediately as being too stupid to be allowed to pollute the air waves.

And, from the same individual:

you and Unlit probably sit around and masturbate each other while you wait for a real person to bother with your on-line idiocy. ha ha ha
Wow...I am deeply moved. Oh. Wait. Perhaps that is just a bowel movement? No matter. What would you, the reader, gage the age of this pathetic slog to be? They really are all too easy. IT has led ITSELF into the lair to be slaughtered and slain.

Here is the post of contention: Sedition: Why This Law Is Not Enforced

The comments thread is here: Haloscan

This poor deluded and self-righteous arrogant and misguided fool has said similar remarks to Wake Up America when IT got blocked from there as well.

When the trolls get trounced, they get emotional and their stupidity leaks right out of their hinder hole.

Please read the post and then the comments and let us know what you think. It is painfully obvious to us why the troll tried to hijack the topic at hand.