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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Finally! Impeachment Explained


In an article in the Seattle PI, a moonbat comes out and reveals what the Fruit Loop Brigades of the Insignificant anti-Americanists are demanding. The article was written by the bleating Linda Boyd.
The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors. -- Article II, Section 4 [...]
It is apparent that the child can read. However, the application of what one has read is so off base and out of touch, it reveals a 100% non-understanding of that which the child read. Wishful thinking doesn't make a lie truth.

[...] On Nov. 6, Rep. Dennis Kucinich introduced articles of impeachment against Vice President Dick Cheney on the floor of the House of Representatives. For one shining moment the will of the majority of Americans and the promise of this nation's founders were truly represented.

The detailed charges were solemnly read from the House podium and televised on C-Span. House Democratic Leader Steny Hoyer made a motion to table the bill. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi lobbied hard for votes to table.

In a stunning turnaround, House Republicans changed strategy and voted decisively to prevent tabling the impeachment resolution. [...]
This is a shining example of politicians in a terrified frenzy that they are going to lose and lose hard come election season 2008. The Republicans and quite a few Democrats wanted to have the debate once and for all to be this ignorant chant to bed and permanently. The cowards of the Leftinistra didn't want a debate. They were counting on tabling the diatribe knowing bloody well that it is a non-issue and the measure would die.

I was so hoping for the debate but the cowards ran away from the fight...that "IS" what cowards do, you know.

Please take note of the lack of substantiation in the article. The poor child states that "momentum is building" for impeachment as the measure has died, as was the original intent anyway. The only momentum that is building is that Conservative Tsunami that will sweep this creep, liar and idiot into the Abyss of Obscurity IT so richly deserves.

Here are the "charges" based on rhetoric and non-factual events:
The vice president is accused of: [...]
By whom? The measure is dead...killed by the very individuals that drew it up. Oh. Wait. They have a history of being for something and then being against it lest they be found out as political morons that we already know they are.

[...] purposely manipulating intelligence to fabricate a threat of Iraqi weapons of mass destruction in order to justify an attack on Iraq; [...]

This poor fool never read the Iraq War Resolution. Neither does it recall the former President's admissions:
"When I left office, there was a substantial amount of biological and chemical material unaccounted for. That is, at the end of the first Gulf War, we knew what he had. We knew what was destroyed in all the inspection processes and that was a lot. And then we bombed with the British for four days in 1998. We might have gotten it all; we might have gotten half of it; we might have gotten none of it. But we didn't know. So I thought it was prudent for the president to go to the U.N. and for the U.N. to say you got to let these inspectors in, and this time if you don't cooperate the penalty could be regime change, not just continued sanctions." -- Bill Clinton, July 22, 2003
And, we have the blithering fools waffling and backpedaling on that which they proclaimed so idiots like Linda Boyd can make absolute fools of themselves on a regular basis. How soon the poor trolls forget the pre-Iraq War speeches made here, here and here, that the VAST MAJORITY of CONgress agreed to...until election time.

[...] deceiving Congress about an alleged relationship between Iraq and al-Qaida; [...]
And this was determined, how? I guess the ignorant moonbat doesn't know that AQ was in Iraq before we even got there...the second time.

[...] threatening aggression against the Republic of Iran, absent any real threat to the United States [...]
Threatening aggression? Wow. Absent any real threat to the US? Wow. Nothing like living in a cave, eh? Truly pathetic.

[...] illegal war, in violation of both international treaty and the Constitution [...]
Validation? Illegal war? Chapter and verse? Crickets? International Treaty? And the Constitution? Where are the validations for such tripe?

[...] widespread domestic wiretapping in violation of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, a felony. Bush already has admitted to this [...]
Congress made it law, silly. Please keep up with the issues.

You get the general idea here. This is so typical of the Pathology of A Moonbat it is painfully funny. Moonbats are high on emotion and zero balance of facts.

Catch the wave:

From The Astute Bloggers:
It is growing increasingly clear that the Marxist Nutroot left is becoming more and more the dominant force in the Democrat party. The increasing heat from the MoveOn.org Left to actually try and impeach Bush and Cheney is obviously a sign that the party's leadership is losing control of this runaway train. Is the self-destructiveness of the Democrats a positive development politically for Republicans? Sure it is. [...]
Michelle Malkin welcomes the proceedings and in a way I agree. It will only further our cause and the Abyss of Obscurity would be filled faster with the pathetic bones of the anti-Americanists.

More from A Newt One on this issue is here.

Gina Cobb writes here:

The Conservative Tsunami just got taller.