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Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Troofers Getting Trounced


Tonight's Blog Talk Radio show, airing at 8PM EST, will have the Mighty SonLit Knight in the hopes that a Troofer or two from the Leftist hide-out at Digital Journal will have the courage to come to our show, The American Truth Surge, to debate the facts of the conspiratorial allegations that the United States Government orchestrated, planned and actually carried out the destruction of the World Trade Center in NYC, the Pentagon and crashed that plane in Pennsylvania.

If the Troofers are too cowardly to call in, SonLit will proceed in the dismantling of the Troofer Mantra of "It Was An Inside Job". Surely, Troofers are in dire need of professional medical attention.

We have always known The Who and The Why and The How the attacks of 91101 were planned and conducted. On several occasions, OBL has come forward via Al--azeera news rooms and has stated that his group, Al-Qaida planned and carried out the attacks and has even stated that the plan was to lure the Americans and other Western Nations into Afghanistan and Iraq so his group could destroy America. One could conclude that the Troofers are unable to accept the fact that the United States was attacked in an act of aggression as well as being an act of war.

Today, 11/29/2007, OBL released a video and audio dispatch that has his group, Al-Qaida, as responsible for 91101 and that Europe should stop supporting America and send him help to defeat America. He said that he alone is responsible. I guess GWB paid him to say that.

This comes on the heels of continued support for America from France, Denmark and Germany and the returning of these countries to forms of government that once made them great as is America and the renewed Islamic riots in Paris. Al-Qaida has lost the war in Iraq and is begging for European help to win in Afghanistan because he is losing there as well. If you don't believe or understand that, you have been living in an Ostrich Farm with your head stuck in the dirt. Even OBL knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is losing and losing hard.

Leaders only beg for help when they are losing. Asking Europe to turn away from America is an act of desperation. Making an assertion that 91101 was "an inside job" brings to the fore the mental instability of America Haters and conspiratorial Duffisites that could no more fight their way out of a wet paper bag than to bring forth two coherent trains of thought at one time.

The very definition of the alleged "inside job" is a non-sequitur. Because one cannot prove that an allegation is false does not mean that the allegation, by default is true. For example; I have a red truck. I drive my truck very fast. I got a speeding ticket driving my red truck fast. Therefore, all drivers of red trucks drive really fast and get speeding tickets. Prove me wrong. If you cannot, I must be right.

In this day and age of governmental in-fighting and the plethora of leaks to the news rooms across this country, the very idea of President George W Bush, in a span of eight months, organized and carried out the myriad of required inter-departmental communications and "secretive" meetings; gathered the people that would be willing to participate; stockpiled the required amount of explosives; contracted or coerced men to steal and fly the aircraft into the Twin Towers and eventually crash one in Pennsylvania; created and dispatched a missile that "resembled" an aircraft to crash into the Pentagon; would require a great deal of dedicated men and women to carry out such a plan. This ultimate Planner and Leader of such a group would require a very forceful and criminally intelligent individual. In accordance with the mantra of the Troofers and others, this description of such an individual does not match up to how they generally feel towards GWB...after all, he is the dumbest man of the planet, so they say.

Join SonLit and I as we reveal the pathetic "argument" of the mentally unstable Troofers.