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Friday, November 30, 2007

Op-Ed: The Murtha Quagmire...Self-Inflicted


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It is quite evident to this DAV that Rep John Murtha has one thing on his mind and that is defeat. No...that's not quite true, is it? Perhaps he has the 2008 election drawing nigh. If this is true, then, how can he explain his recent change of heart?

Being the brave soul that he is or, knowing that his security was provided by individuals other than those murderous scum Marines, Rep Murtha traveled to Iraq to "visit" with The Troops during Thanksgiving festivities. My friend Uncle Jimbo said that those lads must have reacted under pressure and actually broke down and fed him. Uncle Jimbo does have a way with words.

Congressman Murtha traveled to the Al-Anbar Province to see for himself that which most of us already knew, having actually been there, that relatively speaking, all is quiet on that front. However, I find that quite curious. "Mister" Murtha once said of Michael O'Hanlon and Kenneth Pollack upon their return trip from Iraq the following:

A trip to Iraq, sneers Murtha: who could learn anything meaningful from that? It's an illusion.
Why the "sudden" turn around and, using his own words, ever thankful for the internet that Gore built so we can track their every word, did he participate in an illusion? Is there "magic dust" in the gritty sand that permeates the very air one breathes in over there?

One can pontificate and project the many answers to these questions...the correct answer is only known by Rep Murtha...perhaps not.

Rep Murtha has many woes ahead of him, heaped upon himself in his unrepentant quest for the Almighty Political Power for political gain that so permeates the American political farce in these modern times. Case in point? Haditha, Iraq.

I find it curious that a former Marine would so vehemently and arrogantly violate fellow citizen's civil rights and have them charged, tried, convicted and "executed" before the investigation had been completed. His sources were deep within the Pentagon.

Curious, that indeed. That said same Pentagon that Murtha so cherished at the time, is the exact same Pentagon that Murtha severely rebuked just before he went on his junket to Iraq.

Because the Pentagon says it, you believe it?
Yes. That is "Rather" curious. I suppose that if the Pentagon folks said something that could benefit "mister" Murtha, "mister" Murtha would be assailing them as good, honest and decent folk. After all, there are Marines in that building, by God. However, should those dastardly murderous Marines at the Pentagon say something that could have an adverse affect on the political aspirations of a man that needs to retire and MoveOn, well, there will be hell to pay and how dare anyone believe them, by God.

Yes, "mister" Murtha does for a fact have defeat on his mind. At first it was two-fold, perhaps three-fold. He had to stand by other what we call Defeatocrats here in the US in order to remain in his current stead so, a defeat in Iraq was the Order of the Day. That would ensure a sure shoe-in come election day. That was his driving force behind the Haditha self-induced quagmire...political grandstanding - opportunism I believe is the correct phrase.

Haditha didn't quite work out for him now, did it? All but one Marine has been 100% exonerated and that one will soon be. So, why the change of heart, "mister" Murtha?

It seems like he has caught that disease of willing suspension of disbelief, the way that Hillary addressed General Petraeus. Murtha also faces a serious challenger and he must play to his base in the grand state of Pennsylvania and he has to do it quickly...he is slipping in PA thanks to the Lt Col that hopefully will replace him. Perhaps he is trying to distract from the Marine suing him as well.

It is said that the US Justice Department will not be able to have the law suit filed against him dismissed because he called the Press Conference to announce his "findings" on Haditha and it wasn't on official business. this remains to be seen, however. If he is unsuccessful at having he suit dismissed, there are 8 other families that will follow. Poor "mister" Murtha will be owned.

So, now, at this juncture, he must play to the other folks in his area of responsibility, hoping they will forgive him when they see for themselves that he has "seen the light" as it were, and there really is Victory in the air with the War In Iraq. He is even ready for a compromise with that "idiot Bush".

It must really sting badly when, as the Leftinistra here in the States say, the worse President ever and the dumbest man alive beats our Leftinistra and others in other lands at every turn, at every step and every issue...save one. Is that really something to brag about? Getting beat by the worse there is? Doesn't say much for them now, does it?

I can safely say that I am "Rather" enjoying watching "mister" Murtha squirm. Everything that befalls the "man", he so richly deserves it.