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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Rodham Falling Hard


Catch the wave...

In light of recent campaign developments, it seems as though The Rodham is falling from her self-imposed pedestal. What happened? Some have said that she was the darling of the once Main Stream Media.
Hillary may not be the politician that her husband(?) is but she does have access to his direction, advise and history. After all, they are married and married couples, theoretically, share their dreams, aspirations, fears and pains. Some have said that Bill and Hillary had been planning this very event for 20+ years...The Plan; 8 years for Bill and then 8 years for Hillary. I am inclined to ignore that premise not because Media Matters said it is false but due to the virtual impossibility that The Alleged Plan could ever play out.

It isn't that Media Matters has any credibility or anything because the outfit is a Hillary Project. It is merely a talking dull prattling on about some odd "conspiracy".

Hillary's campaign weakness has the foundation of inexperience. Living in the White House doesn't give one the experience that a sitting President will have. She may be a keen observer but having not actually performed those duties, how can she lay claim to the appropriate bonafides?

Hillary is no dummy and is indeed quite intelligent. She has been running her campaign as if she was the nominee and everyone one else was merely playing their roles as good little subjects. Such is not the case any longer. She tripped herself up on any number of occasions and people began to look a little harder at the would-be president.

Hillary, as well as the other DNC hopefuls, have been running as if GWB was on the 2008 ticket...Heaven help us. I voted for GWB twice because I was most assuredly not going to vote for Al Gore or John Kerry not because GWB was The Man. However, he is the President and I am dignified enough to respect the position and awesome responsibilities required of the thankless job of being the leader of the free world.
Being the president's spouse has to be very helpful for a future president. It's like an eight-year "Take Your Daughter to Work Day." Michael Kinsley
That about sums up Hillary's experience as a leader of any sort. And about her tenure as a United States Senator. Was it not her that once told the people of New York that she wasn't going to run for president?

Does America really need someone that changes their mind by the temperature of the air around them as their President? Recall, if you will, the defining moment of the begin of the collapse of her bid for the White House. Exposing her inability to clearly define her stands on any given issue within the confines of a debate and the atmosphere that brings, how then, can we trust her to withstand the pressures of a President of the United States?

Obama has closed the gap between them and has pulled ahead. The once Main Stream Media has begun their turn away from Hillary and her die-hard following cringe and whimper.

Hillary, at this point in time, is "losing" to any and all GOP Presidential Aspirants and some would say that she can bow out now gracefully...she has had her 15 minutes of fame.

As a side-bar, for a healthy dose of an Election 2008 smorgasbord, visit my friend at Conservatism With Heart.

I wonder what Mark Penn is thinking now since his statement that Hillary will win in 2008 in a rout...

As my friend at Red State says:
Trailing Huckabee has to sting a little...
The CBS interview was truly an exercise in futility...is it any wonder that no one watches the CBS evening news?