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Monday, November 26, 2007

Democrats Caught In A Political Conundrum


What are the Democratic Party Elites to do? Should they dump the insignificant and mouthy trolls of the moonbats in the Far Left Fruit Loop Brigades and come clean?

Should they apologize en mass to President Bush for turning the War In Iraq into a political quagmire?

Should they apologize en mass to The Troops for attempting to fatally demoralize The Troops?

Should they censure Reid, Pelosi, Murtha and a plethora of others for their subversive, seditious and treasonous rhetoric all in the name of the Almighty Politik?

Or, should they all resign and sink into obscurity that they so richly deserve?

Or, perhaps they should come clean, be honest, show some spine and come forward, en mass, proclaiming that they were wrong and that it was all a political game they were playing and have lost their bid to lose a winnable war?

No. They haven't an ethical bone in their worthless bodies.

In the Boston Globe, just a few moments ago, I read the following:
THE NEWS from Iraq has been so encouraging in recent months that last week even the mainstream media finally sat up and took notice. Can the Democratic Party be far behind? [...]
The Democratic Party is unable to do so. They cannot admit that they played an instrumental part in enabling the enemy. The insignificant and vocal minority of the Moonbat Fruit Loop Brigades were given a voice that suited the Democratic Party Elites and it will cost them. Their only chance at survival is to distract and change the subject. They can only ignore the Voices From The War and we in The New Media...the ones that were right all along.

They bring up those that served that were instrumental in the poor planning and poor ROE that wrought untold harm to our men and women in uniform, to prattle and yammer on about how we need to pull the troops out. Those "fired" and relieved commanders could not produce so the Leftinistra parade them around in the hopes that the Loser Mentality can remain alive in the face of defeatist rhetoric. They will play these cards to the bloody end.

The Abyss of Obscurity is too good for them all.

Naturally, the individual that wrote the article, had to throw a little barb in due to their not having a clue what the term "Mission Accomplished" means and why it was used. However, that is more than explained here:
[...] Of course things could still change for the worse. In the Middle East there are few guarantees. Neither the US military nor the Bush administration plans to dust off that "Mission Accomplished" banner anytime soon. [...]
All in all, it is a very well written article withe not so bad barbs thrown in here and there.

There can be no denying that the "war is lost" quagmire still being ranted on about was an outright lie and there can be no more doubt as to the "winnability" of this war. Would it not behoove the Democratic Party Elite to rally behind the troops as they did in the beginning? Is this possible? This DAV very much doubts it. It would send their base into an absolute frenzy. They would "Rather" have the vast majority of Americans in a rabid frenzy over their unpatriotic actions and rhetoric than to get a moonbat angry, self-integrity be damned.
[...] Blind opposition to war that seems lost is understandable. But can Democrats be so invested in defeat that they would abandon even a war that may be winnable? With developments in Iraq looking so hopeful, this is no time to cling to a counsel of despair. [...]
It is the mindset of a defeatist to abhor Victory at all costs, plain and simple.

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It would also behoove the Democratic Party Elites and the RINOs to take a serious look in their mirrors and ask themselves why the anti-war and anti-Americanist Hollyweird movies are bombs...especially that pathetic "Redacted" tripe. Americans are tired of hearing how rotten the American Military is because they know it to be false.

Also, they need to figure out why it is that their measures to lose in Iraq get defeated time after time after time and that the Worse President in the world and the Dumbest Man beats them time after time after time. It really doesn't say mush for them when the Worse President in the world and the Dumbest Man crushes them on a regular basis.

They really should just close the yappers and let folks think they are stupid than to open their filthy mouths and remove all doubt.