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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Barack Jobamaden - President Of What?


I have been following politics for 40 years now and this is the very first Presidential election season that has been this "unique". For the very first time, the Democrat Party, the Party of racism, sexism, Identity Politics, Multi-Culturalism, Political Correctness and Socialist Diversity has actually pre-selected a Marxist that just so happens to be a black man (or a gray man) that is also one of the most bigoted people I have ever listened to. If one doesn't vote for him due to the color of their skin, they are considered racists...that very concept is a racist remark especially when they boast that 90% of the black population will vote for him BECAUSE he is black (or gray - you decide).

This is also the very first time that the DNC heir apparent to the White House has selected a running mate that has made it abundantly clear that the heir apparent is clearly unqualified for the job even though he is well groomed, can talk well and looks pretty - ears not withstanding. This is also the very first time that the DNC has pre-selected a member of their party that openly expresses that he hates this country and wants to model it after Red China and the New USSR.

As I read the many articles, pieces, items and blog posts being generated by the non-text messaging announcement that Hillary has been forever humiliated, there is one commonality. The vast majority of the leftosphere is so not happy while those that are, share the same bigotry and self-loathing that Czarbama exudes. On the rightosphere side of the fence, the general thinking is that Czarbama has put the finishing touches on his upcoming political international embarrassment. As for The Rodham, she has been told pretty much to Embrace The Suck. They just don't know who or what The Rodham truly is by expressing that sentiment.

The would-be First Czar has selected as his running mate a man that towers over The One in many areas namely political experience. Also, he has alienated the Young Voters by selected yet another old dude with white hair that is dead set against legalizing drugs of any sort. He has also selected a "business as usual" candidate and nullifies the Hope and Change mantra. So, the questions remain, one of which is "what is he hoping to change this time?"

Just a casual observation here if I may, when voters base their vote on which candidate will legalize narcotics, I have to question their viability as a law-abiding citizen. The folks at Talk Left are orbiting planet unknown at this time.

At this current space and time, this is the closest Barack Hussein Obama will ever be to the White House. He has reached his apogee and parity. The One is now lonely because, after all, One Is The Loneliest Number.

As yet an additional "first" in this election season, the DNC VP pick is someone that actively promotes them self as one having a higher IQ than anyone else and will openly say as such. So, now we have not only The One and The Other One, we have Misters Arrogant 1 and Arrogant 2. Wonderful. Perhaps Czarbama needs presidential training wheels...

One would think seeing that the candidates would at least know who each other are and what their roles will be. Joe Biden seems to think that Obama's name is Omera and Barack thinks that Biden is the presidential candidate. I don't get it. So, which one is who and which one is going to actually be THE One?

Some of the leftosphere pundits are really amazing. Then again, when the only thing driving them is emotion due to the void of intellectuality, it really isn't that shocking...just more sad than usual. The speech transcript from Joe Biden isn't all that impressive so the emotional strain I am detecting from the lefties is intriguing. They are indeed worried and no matter the bluster, their verbiage has the connotation of fear. The pontifications of The One can be read here and it is more of the usual platitudes, void of substance.

The desperation of The One is readily apparent as he pulls ads in Red States and it displays a different reality in regards to funding. As more and more Americans figure out just how Marxist The One is and evidence of it becomes more and more prevalent, more and more Americans are going to turn away from the emotional railings of a very insecure man, wallowing in his self-abasement and hatred of the nation he was hoping to change and remodel after the model of Saul Alinsky. As one can see in the image to the left, hat tip to DTRT, publishing tickets to the Marxists' alleged and premature victory speech with upside down American Flags is not conducive to sway Americans to his side. Perhaps Joe Biden can resolve this matter but I have my doubts.

We all know that the Obama campaign lost the election to McCain with the Biden choice for VP. However, we also know that they will have to go through the paces in a saving face bid to continue the Hate and Blame America First dogma. Sooner or later, before the Big Day in November, Joe Biden is going to open mouth and insert foot and Czarbie will continue in his lies, deceit and purposeful misleading the intellectually void and over emotional followers of The One.