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Friday, August 22, 2008

Someone Needs To Fact Check FactCheck...Might As Well Be Us


In a recent article on FactCheck, there is a grossly contorted attempt of brush off in regards to The Other One, Nancy Pelosi, and her involvement with T Boone Pickens. You know. The guy that says to drill everywhere including ANWR but the Libocrats seem to cherry pick that. I know. SOP. Personal and professional integrity seems to be thrown to the winds - no pun intended.

The reports from Open Secrets reveals interesting information that seems to have been overlooked. Whether that was intentional or not is up to interpretation. Did I just say that? The reports reveal that SP (the spouse) did the actual buying of the stock in the Pickens venture and the disclaimer that the purchase "amounted to a tiny fraction of the couple's assets". Talk about breezing right by the freeway turn off, clueless as to where one will wind up! The point is that "the family" more than doubled the "modest investment" in one years' time in an energy related company within a country which just so happens to be in a National Security Crisis at the moment in regards to energy. THAT is the point and there isn't anyone that can convince me that Nancy doesn't or didn't know anything about it. After all, she had to fill in the reports and then sign them, correct?

In the FactCheck piece which, is in dire need of fact checking, they failed to reveal that Nancy's "family" investment was offered at $12 but was purchased for a little under $4 per share. On 20 AUG 08, the stock closed at $14.67 per. That is more than doubled so that "meager" initial investment has turned into a not-so-meager capitalist profit.

Coupled with that, Proposition 10, should it pass in the California political process, that "meager" and just a drop in the bucket "tiny" investment is going to go through the ceiling and it will do so on American tax payers' dollars. This reeks of impropriety and surely there are some ethics violations there but, we are talking about Democrats here. Ethics is for someone else.

One more thing. T Boone Pickens will have to DRILL for the energy source. FYI. See the stories below for more information. We haven't even begun to dig.

And, to add insult to injury, this is the same outfit that did the "fact checking" on Czarbama's birth certificate and now there is a law suit which was filed yesterday. I am thinking about starting a new service...FactChecking FactCheckingDotOrg.org.

Check the Freedomist site for in-depth reporting on this issue.