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Monday, August 18, 2008

Why I Am Not A Party Hack


I don't give a tinkers' damn about The Party whether that Party is a D, R, I or erstwhile. I care about my country first and foremost, Party Hacks be damned. This isn't about getting ones' Party either into power, out of power, holding onto power or any other combination one can invent and whine about.

This DAVFW didn't do what I did for God, Flag and Country so any particular Party remained in power, ceded power to another; nor did I spill blood and have my own shed for God, Flag and Country for some idiot and whining snot-nosed twit allow through inaction, empathy, and attitudes of "woe is me" or the "look how smart I am" to fumble along giving the projection that they know better than anyone else. Such childish and arrogant wrong-headed stupidity is criminally laughable. Alas...we have moonbats on both sides of the aisle.

However, for the most part, the vast majority of moonbats dwell among the Living Dead within the Leftinistra Party which consists of those members that espouse the ideals which cannot be reconciled with the United States Constitution. Say what you will but Senator John McCain absolutely buried Senator Obama the other night at the Saddleback non-Debate Debate. He buried him so completely that the Leftosphere went silent for nearly 24 hours while the handlers met and developed a Spin Plan.

I watched the entire exchange from start to finish four times. For those that have merely seen You Tube clips and have read others' thoughts and impressions to conclude one way or another, I shun your input. Find out for yourself. Do your own research and if you write about it, offer up links supporting or in polar opposite of your views and/or conclusion. I do that in almost every post I write.

I have been "slow in posting" because I have undertaken a project and aired some of that project in the afternoon ATW BTR show via the TOCB outlet. In a short few hours, I will air Part 2 of that project. The project? I recorded the entire Saddleback meeting including the Talking Bobble Brain commentary, took notes and listened intently. Unfairly to most, I utilized my "special skills" to hear what wasn't being said as opposed to what was being said and observed the body language...that is why I watched it four times. And you? Just once? None? Already have a pre-manufactured and contrived outlook? Sucks to be you "my friends"...sucks to be you.

I have placed each question posed to each Aspirant in the form of audio clips. In each clip, each candidate can be heard being asked the question with each candidates' response back-to-back in the same clip. You won't have to click on one and then click to another. Just click on one clip and you will hear both men responding. For those interested in seeing half-clips of pet-peeved subjects, these audio clips are not for you because they will invariably eviscerate your unwarranted conclusions. For those that want to view the videos which give a reasonable chance to see for yourselves, visit this You Tube site.

The Word Document Transcript of the Saddleback Smack Down can be found at Rick Warren News. Other relevant data can be found at Free Republic.

To hear back to back answers to questions, click the following if the topic interests you: to be fair, Senator Obama gets asked each question first and then Senator McCain...just like the interview took place. The last two clips are the questions specifically asked of one and not the other, thus giving the "they were asked the same questions" meme a toss to the sewer because that is a lie...they weren't.

When does a baby get human rights
Does evil exist and what do we do about it
On Faith-Based organizations
On the most gut-wrenching decisions
On judges
Defining marriage
Teacher Merit Pay
On personal and national moral failures
On Orphans
Party Loyalties
Religious Persecution
On Stem Cells
On Taxes
What they thought about being in a church getting asked questions
What it means trusting in Christ
Views once held but no longer
Why they want to be POTUS
Who they consider to be wise
What is worth dying for and to commit US Troops to
The question posed only to Barack: on human trafficking
The only question posed to John : on privacy-security collisions

I have pretty much waited to "see" what others have said about the utter "behind the woodshed" results before posting this link: Saddleback by Snooper This is where I have collected and will continue to collect relevant data in the coming weeks. Hopefully, when Czarbama licks his wounds from the McCain Thrashing, Czarbama will at least try and make an appearance at a real debate. That should be a hoot!

The Leftinistra have started to claim that McCain "cheated" and they make no mention whatsoever to Czarbama's comment that "he looked into this issue before coming" and thinks it is a GREAT idea. When you listen to the clips linked above, you will discover the "issue" he refers to. Did he know the question before hand? Poor Leftinistra. They got spanked and smacked down. Enjoy the reading in "Saddleback by Snooper".

Sucks to be them. Or not.

Be sure to tune into the afternoon show for continuing coverage of the Saddleback Smack Down. It will start at 1300 hours CST.