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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Odds and Ends: Posers of Blissful Unknowing


Odd title I know but...

American Power
One of the most amazing things surrounding debates over the Iraq war, and now also with Russia's invasion of Georgia, is the odd antiwar alliance between the extreme left and extreme right in American politics.

The coalition of antiwar left and right has recently been in the news with its "Strange Bedfellows" efforts seeking revenge against centrist Democrats who voted for FISA reauthorization in June. Recall, as well, a few years back Cindy Sheehan, the America-bashing antiwar activist, was found posting her attacks on alleged Bush administration warmongering at the homepage of Lew Rockwell, a widely recognized advocate of "right-wing libertarianism." [...]
Hot Air: it seems like Czarbama is ripping off logos again. And, it seems like the Death Star was seen over San Fran Nanny Land.

WSJ Online
OPEC could decide to roll over or cut crude oil production from existing levels when the group meets in early September in Vienna, Iran's OPEC governor said. [...]
Iraqi Army fills the gap for departing Georgian Soldiers and Nanna flips off the GOP and the vast majority of Americans in regards to the oil crisis, among other things. With the left-talkers in a tail-spin over the tanking Czarbama, Newsboogers gets a headache.

And since the Global Warming Myth gave way to the Climate Change Myth, the Leftinistra have invented the Oxygen Depletion Myth. I would just like to know if these people actually blink when they lie. I do know that they alienate folks with their stupidity.

Apparently, the derailing of Czarbama is in full swing while his worshipers commit treason in his name by violating the Logan Act. It seems as though that The One Czarbama wants the impossible before he takes office as if he is actually going to make it there.

While Real Patriots school the National Barack Channel in the ins and outs of Patriotism, Loser Soros gets spanked by the Main Street Media. Funny as in odd how that is becoming more and more the norm as opposed to the unusual. In regards to Real Patriotism which repels your basic anti-Americanist; enter Cindy Sheehan and similar ilk - want to redefine Patriotism as "progressive values". Peculiar doesn't begin to describe my bitterness over that one. I suppose it has something to do with the USA is beyond the shadow of a reasonable doubt actually winning the War In Iraq and Victory is at hand. Why else would the anti-Americanists attack members of Vets For Freedom of which I am a proud member and participant.

While the anti-Americanists continue to attack our Troops, the GOP has sprouted a spine and has begun attacking anti-Americanists in drag and forcing them to see the light about the Democrat Party induced energy crisis. At the same time, reeling from an utter trouncing at Saddleback Church, The One Czarbama lashes out. In this video, The One whines and opines and it appears that he is speaking well without a teleprompter but it appears he is wearing a headset. I wonder. The hesitations are quickly followed by actual sentences. Odd that. Czarbie doesn't know this yet but the day of Saddleback, McCain became President Elect McCain. Sorry about ruining the party for some but that is just plain and cold, hard Truth. Czabama talking tough because that is as far as his toughness can go - just words and speeches - says that McCain doesn't know what he is dealing with. I almost snotted myself when I heard that idiot utter such stupidity and arrogant idiocy.

As is the usual, my old post dated 17 APR 08 seems to have vanished from the archive. The link WAS here but can still be found in part at Memeorandum here, under the heading of Marc Ambinger The Score Card in the discussion section. Fortunately, I have the original in my personal archives as I have ALL 7634 posts to date stored in several locations. A screen shot is to the left. As I thought then as I know now, it WILL be McCain in November. As the Leftinistra responded to the spanking last Saturday and took nearly 24 hours to verbalize their panic, so was the way they responded last April. Here is the partial repost, unfortunately. I was going to merely link to it but the link has vanished. The post below is the continuing what the screen capture doesn't have.
Listen to the libtards wail...
It's hard to know where to begin with this, less than an hour after you signed off from your Democratic presidential debate here in my hometown of Philadelphia, a televised train wreck that my friend and colleague Greg Mitchell has already called, quite accurately, "a shameful night for the U.S. media." It's hard because -- like many other Americans -- I am still angry at what I just witnesses, so angry that it's hard to even type accurately because my hands are shaking. Look, I know that "media criticism" -- especially when it's one journalist speaking to another -- tends to be a genteel, colleagial thing, but there's no genteel way to say this. [...]
Cry me a river. Judas priest. What you and the rest of the world is watching is the total implosion of the once great Democrat Party of the United States due to 40+ years or more of Socialist ideals and tenets tearing it apart. I laugh in scorn at the absurdity in which you folks conduct yourselves and that which you have wrought upon this nation.

Good riddance to you all and may God have mercy on you because I don't give a damn.
OH! Was I being insensitive? Too bad. Just remember always, I am an equal opportunity Snooper.

While Czarbama is busy pretending his ship isn't sinking, he apparently has missed the day McCain became the CIC and the new Leader of the Free World that Czarbama wanted to enslave. It also seems as though Czarbama is in for some nasty weather ahead and his fellow Kommisars are aligning to attack Cantor because he is a - EGADS!! - A JEW!!! And it is no wonder...Czarbama is tanking. If Czarbie could only put country first instead of Party first - as do some theoretical Republicans, RINOs, Conservatives and CINOs putting Party first - and had some more experience, he wouldn't be having the troubles he is at the moment.

Like when Czarbie attacked McCain in an ad, McCain quickly countered the idiot and now the Rezko deal has resurfaced. I seem to recall something about stones and glass houses. If Czarbie wants to play the guilt by association meme, he is so much more than defeated. He is buried.

I wonder if Czarbie and his hateful wife cry each other to sleep every night and I wonder what they say to the demons when they come at night? Surely they do since his 9-point bounce from Europe has sunk in the quagmire that is Czarbie and McCain has pulled ahead by 5 points and GWB has risen 5 points. Must suck to be them.

One thing is for sure...it REALLY sucks to be this group of spasmed dweebs. They know Hilary isn't finished either. This is just too grand and it is fairly odd for a libtard to be worried about Constitutional issues seeing that they want to get rid of it via SCOTUS opinions and legislation. I suppose we could attribute it to the McCDS.