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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Let The Spinmeisters Begin - Failure Is Their Bane


This is too rich. No. Really. It is. Over at the Leftinistra Rag Time called Swampland - appropriately named not because DC was once a swamp - Joe Klein is trying to make a pathetic VP choice become a good one. We and they all know it was a moment of weakness for The One because The One certainly is indeed and in fact out of his element and league. Whether they admit to that openly is a moot point.

Joe Biden on his campaign trail has stated many times that McCain isn't the McCain he once knew. Does that sound familiar to anyone? Having said that, we also all know that Biden has stated on the campaign trail that The One is less than capable and ready to become President and that he would rather either run with McCain or against him. So, is this the Biden that no one knows or is the other Biden that has been sequestered for the public good? Is this current Biden the Biden that Barack once knew?
Kudos to the McCain campaign for having the Biden ad--posted below by Karen--ready to go. But it probably won't have a very long shelf-life because Biden's opinion of his old friend John McCain has changed significantly--for the worse--during the course of this campaign. [...] (more here)

Imagine that. Haven't we all been led to believe that the folks in DC are all "friends"? With friends like that, I would prefer having enemies.

Apparently, thinking that the Hillary Hit Squads are out in force, Biden tried to get a jump on the game plans and decided to go all Bidenesque sooner rather than later. He has brought up that perhaps his wife having a PhD is a problem. I don't have a problem with that at all. Does anyone else? In the comments section in the article linked above:
Typical Bidenism. He goes off script with a compliment to his wife, realizes that Naomi Wolf would find it demeaning, so tries to vamp - in this case with a bit of conversational sarcasm intended to imply the opposite, but read as joking on the square for a regular old guy like him. If McCain had done it, it would be at the top of Memeorandum for a day, and possibly the basis of a attack ad. Scary voice: "John McCain think it's a problem for women to be educated..." Or something.

Altogether stupid, but, hey, anything to keep the Clintonistas roiling is fine by me!
Amazing. With what I am hearing, Joe Biden is theoretically some foreign policy guru and will fill the void that Czarbama lives in. Not so much. Biden said back in 2007 that Iran was decades away from weaponized nuclear power but wasn't against preemptive strikes on Iran. Does Czarbie know this? OOPS!! I wonder what he thinks about Pakistan? Oh. Wait. Go here and find out. He did call for missile strikes in Iran even though in the Swampland piece above, Joe Klein seems to allude to another concept. He did say that "Joe Biden" called him and they spoke.

I think I just unspun a moonbat. Sam Youngman seems to think that Czarbie selected Biden to become his personal attack dog because Czarbie sucks at it so badly...another admission of not ready for the Big Time.

Say what you will but Czarbie has just disenfranchised the far-left moonbat base and cemented their non-votes. They feel abandoned as I have been saying for weeks now. He is no longer the anti-war candidate that he once was in order to solidify his alleged rise to the top. So much for Hope and Change. What we see here is the culmination of business as usual...lie your way into office in the hopes that no one catches on. He was also anti-domestic spying but then went ahead and voted for FISA. So much for Hope and Change.

He tried so hard to deny that the Troops Surge worked and Condi Rice is trying ever so hard to make Czarbie look good in regards to Troop Withdrawals from Iraq that is already taking place and was part of the original plan. All of the Surge Troops are either Stateside or have been returned to their bases of origin. Troop levels in Iraq are now below the pre-Surge levels and the Wimplomat Corp of the US State Dept is busy undermining GWB and McCain by "negotiating troop draw downs". Simply amazing. Even more amazing is that in front of a VFW crowd, Czarbie admitted that the Troop Surge worked. Like I said, he has abandoned those that put him where he is. So much for Hope and Change. TABs have a great post in this regard.

For an in-depth account of general reactions to the Obama-Biden quagmire, go see Spree's WUA. Right Truth has a very good account of the spinning in work and has links to everything you ever wanted to know about Joe Biden. She calls it The Audacity of Spin and the Hilltards aren't happy and they are calling it a Death Wish...here we go again?