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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Saddleback: The Refrain


Senator Barack Hussein Obamas' performance at the Saddleback Valley Communty Church Forum was exceptional on 16 AUG 08. Yes indeed. It was exceptional on many fronts but the most revealing of the exchanges between the Presidential Aspirants and Pastor Rick Warren was the way that the would-be First Czar of the United Socialist States of AmeriKKKa was thoroughly taken out behind the woodshed and ultimately spanked by that "crazy white-haired dude". Senator Obama proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is not only incapable of running this nation, he may not be ready until he is a crazy white-haired dude. Even that is doubtful. The first thing he needs to work on is actually knowing just what he is talking about instead of a blithering dunce.

Those which support Senator Obama and those that now used to support Senator Obama were so stunned by the dismal performance that this poor slog had to write Parts 2 and 3 in utter la-la land in its guy, The One. The Blue Texan claims to be a "practicing Roman Catholic" and had to get drunk to live blog the event...imagine that? Either he, she or it was obviously drunk when the poor thing said that "Obama objectively did extremely well with Warren in the first hour" or, the creature has mental issues. Yep. Must have been the buzz coming on because only someone that was drunk would have stated that he did well and mentioned a "first hour". I watched it 4 times...SOBER...and I don't recall a second hour for Obama. In the third part, the Blue Drunk from Texas said, "Obama wins the night, by a big margin". Simply amazing. I wonder how the Blue Texan felt when it got sober and discovered what a complete fool it made of itself.

I suppose that if one takes into consideration that Obama handled himself well in regards to lying as the Weekly Standard pointed out, we can give him a pass on the "did well" thing because no one called him on his junk on the spot. Apparently, the McDonalds comment didn't quite go down the way Obama claimed nor did the working with McCain on ethics reform. We will call that Lie 1 and Lie 2. Such a guy this would-be First Czar Upstart, eh?

Perhaps the drunk from Texas needs to have a class in Truth with Pamela Gellar? It certainly wouldn't hurt. I really do hate to break it to the poor sot but McCain mopped the floor with Dunce Boy. To add insult to injury, Duane Lester agrees and he is no fan of McCain. That is one of the biggest differences between those of us on the Right and those on the Wrong...we give credit where credit is due and also lay into those on our side of the aisle when they "go astray". Before I MoveOn here, if the sot from Texas doesn't want to meet with Atlas Shrugs, perhaps a meeting with John Amato at Snails and Ticks could school the blinded and beguiled one. Oh. Wait. They agree. Never mind.

When Barack was talking about evil he referred to the United States more than anything and I am sure he was referring to these misguided units that have a history of emotional hysterics. It seems that they are also in favor of murdering babies and infanticide as well. Then again, I suppose we will witness an entire litany of missed opportunities for The One.
Ann Althouse notified folks today about Pastor Rick Warren's presidential forum, commenting on the format for Barack Obama and John McCain, that "if they aren't going to be on stage together, I'm not even going to watch." Althouse, being the ever-present online maven that she is, live-blogged the event anyway. It's a good thing too, because the meeting tonight at Orange County's Saddleback Church was one of the most compelling general election campaign telecasts in modern memory. [...]
I would have to agree. Why else would the Leftinistra feel compelled to bring up and invent yet another non-issue issue of McCain "cheating" when if anyone cheated, it was Obama. He admitted to it.

For further reading of Saddleback Smack Down that Obama lost badly at, please go here to study posts and articles from the Right and Wrong. For the collection of audio sound bites from the "debate" where only McCain showed up, go here.