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Monday, July 16, 2007

Hugh Hewitt vs Jake Tapper

Hugh Hewitt vs. Jake Tapper

Here is an hour's worth of Hugh Hewitt and Jake Tapper. Very entertaining.

From Tapper's blog:

It's always nice, when you're being assailed by the political left and to have the political right come at you as well. Today on the ABC News Shuffle podcast we had on influential conservative blogger and talk radio host Hugh Hewitt. Some of what's in the podcast is interesting, in particular our discussion of the book Hewitt wrote. But as they say -- we report, you decide.

From Hewitt's blog:

Jake Tapper is in denial about the collapse of MSM credibility, just like every other MSMer I have ever interviewed (or been interviewed by.) Jake seems genuinely unaware of what millions of Americans see every day: He and the guild roll over for the Democrats, rarely if ever even offering a tough question much less a series of them. They advance a narrative of Iraq fed by their own prejudices and are oblivious to counter-arguments and facts. Worst of all, they genuinely believe that the debate inside the Beltway matters most of all, when in fact like the products of most closed systems, their interpretive skills are underdeveloped and their biases so deeply embedded as to be unrecognizable by anyone living under the dome. Thus they are surprised by McCain's collapse, the uproar over the immigration bill, and the political suicide being undertaken by Senators Domenici and Smith.

It isn't journalism they practice, but a sort of high-end yodeling: shouting out cliches which, when echoed back, they take for proof positive of their prejudices. It is all very amusing --until you realize that the lives of millions of Iraqis and eventually millions of Americans are imperiled by their collective incompetence. Walter Duranty was knowing dupe of mass murderers, and this generation of MSM dupes are not knowing at all. But their reckless disregard for the obvious consequences of their one-sided approach to the war and politics will be as infamous as Duranty's, and the disdain for their "work" just as deep a generation down the road.

Here is the full transcript of the Hewitt-Tapper podcast.

Additional evidence that the Lame Stream Media is out of touch can be seen ate Spree's place:

More Good News From Iraq

The surrender crowd and the liberal media can ignore it, spin it, talk it down and outright lie about it as well as Murtha telling lies on TV then getting busted with some actual FACTS, but make no bones about it... al-Qaeda in Iraq is being run out and the insurgents are being beaten down.

AP, batting Zero: Bin Laden Video


One would think that after having to retract a rumor that they reported about 20 beheadings that never happened, the AP would be a little more careful. Then again, one would be wrong if they thought that.

NYT Publishes HALF of Iraqi PM's Words: Media Bias Again

[Update] Maliki was misunderstood. Mr. Maliki, I assure you, the NYT and others, did it intentionally. [End Update]

Last night I brought my readers the latest Rasmussen poll, showing that the majority of American know there is a liberal media bias.

Today I see that the New York Times proves Rasmussen's point by publishing the Iraqi PM's words, but only half of them, yet the LA Times gives us the other half of them in their report.

Murtha Goes Up Against Iraq Facts and Loses

Bottom Line Up Front: Murtha and the anti-war crowd shamelessly spin lies about the war in Iraq saying there is no progress when there clearly is.

Americans See Liberal Media Bias

We say it and say it and the comments we get is denial, yet the majority of Americans, according to Rasmussen, agree with us.

You can also read about 40+ posts on and related to the now defunct Main Stream Media, now known as the Lame Stream Media or the LSD Press.