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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Waiting Until September

Just like everyone, but the Defeatocrats and the White Flag Republicans, wanted to do and agreed to do over 50 days ago, to wait for the "approved of" plan from General Petraeus.

I am still having mental imagery fall-out from watching the Reid Pajama and Babble Party all night up until the little whiner snatched up his ball and stormed out in a temper tantrum. Look at the mug shot of the whiner and his dog Toto too:

Senate Majority Leader Harry M. Reid, right, shown with Sen. Jack Reed (D-R.I.), said he may revive consideration of war proposals after Labor Day.
Senate Majority Leader Harry M. Reid, right, shown with Sen. Jack Reed (D-R.I.), said he may revive consideration of war proposals after Labor Day. (By Melina Mara -- The Washington Post)

Caption: waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!

As I wrote here and here and here and here and here and here, I have ZERO respect for our current 110th CONgress as a whole. I dare say that most care not for "We The People" to the degree of which they so invoke the name, "We The People".

The Leftinistra site opinion polls but it is "Rather" evident that there are those that "skew" those polls.

A communist moron from MoveOnDotRetardos said:

But Reid's decision pleased antiwar groups, which have pressed Democrats to bring the war to a close. "I think Senator Reid took an important step toward confronting Republican obstructionism and ending the war," said Tom Matzzie, a strategist for MoveOn.org.

Matzzie said his group's efforts are concentrated on "forcing the entire Republican Party to look over the side of the cliff" at the political consequences of continuing to stand by Bush. Antiwar groups are focused in particular on Senate Republicans up for reelection next year.

"Ultimately, we end the war by creating a toxic political environment for war supporters like the Republicans in the Senate," Matzzie said.

I find it "interesting" that Reid's Defeatists Crowd whined about the 60-votes rule when they are in the "majority" (of what is yet to be determined) and DEMAND the 60-votes rule when they are in the minority. It merely proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that they want things their way or no way at all and it exposes their DNC Double Standards in and on all issues.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) called the all-night debate "serious and important," while reminding Reid that the 60-vote requirement had become a standard hurdle for controversial measures in a narrowly divided Senate, including in recent years when Democrats were the minority party.
Reid whined:
He called the 60-vote requirement "a new math that was developed by the Republicans to protect the president."
"Funny" that now that "they" are the majority (yeah, right) the same rule he and his kind thought to be right is now new math. What a moron.

John McCain stated:
"We are abandoning the men and women in the military if we don't take this bill back up and pass it, conference with the House, and have it signed by the president of the United States, as we have for the past 45 years," said Sen. John McCain (Ariz.).
The LASlimes even pointed out how the Leftinistra cut and run when opposed with superior forces. (Check out the video) Here is another mug shot of the lowest approved of man in the history of CONgress. I guess if I was that stupid and disliked I would look like this as well:

Oscar Hidalgo/The New York Times:Harry Reid, Democrat of Nevada and the Senate majority leader, spoke to reporters in Washington on Wednesday after an Iraq pullout was blocked.

Reid said that he pulled the bill because he didn't want the Republicans to gain any power. LOL!! What an idiot! They ALREADY have it! The country APPROVALS of the GOP is far above that of the DNC...hello?
While it came as a surprise, Mr. Reid’s decision to suspend the Iraq debate was reached Monday after a meeting with Democratic leaders, party strategists said. If Mr. Reid allowed senators to vote on anything short of a firm withdrawal deadline, strategists said, they feared it could give Republicans political cover.
Miss Collins said:
“He chastises Republicans for not allowing a vote,” Ms. Collins told reporters. “But he’s the one who is pulling the bill from the floor and thus precluding further consideration of all of the Iraq amendments that we have pending.”
McCain again:
Republicans accused Democrats of wasting time on a fruitless talkathon. “Nothing we have done for the last 24 hours will have changed any fact on the ground in Iraq or made the outcome of the war any more or less important for the security of this country,” said Senator John McCain of Arizona, senior Republican on the Armed Services Committee.
Bottom line: a complete waste of time and a lesson in futility. Reid and his team of Defeatocrats are a minority in this country and they will not win. Come 2008, the ones up for re-election will be in Gonesville.