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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Twisting the Intel

Excellent article here at the NY Post by Ralph Peters

July 19, 2007 -- DEMOCRATS on Capitol Hill have complained for years that the White House "cherry-picks" intelligence. Yesterday, that's exactly what the Dems did themselves with the just-declassified summary of a National Intelligence Estimate on terrorism.
Here's your sign; the Leftinistra, moonbats, trolls and any number of defeatists fruit loops one may or may not run into from time to time will ALWAYS accuse others for what they themselves do. It is an integral part of the BDS and the mental instability of those with the symptoms if not the disease of the Superiority Complex.

While preparing for their congressional pajama party Tuesday night (D.C. escort services reportedly had a slow evening), the Dems showed once again that, as wretched as the Bush administration can be, it remains a safer bet in the Age of Terror.

I don't agree with the "wretched" part but mistakes have been made. Show me someone that hassn't made any and I will introduce you to Jesus Christ. The Defeatocrats of the DNC AND the GOP are sorely mistaken if they truly believe that one can negotiate with the mindset of the terrorists mentality. I have met them personally in battle as well as face to face in a "Mexican Standoff" and they are NOT...REPEAT...NOT interested in negotiation. They will kill you or die trying when given the opportunity.

The Dems want to have it both ways. They claim we're not fighting al Qaeda. Then they insist we abandon Iraq to al Qaeda.

NO FAIR! We are not allowed to expose their Double Standards. They are PERFECTION personified. Just ask them.

And, as a capper, no leading Democrat praised our military when it was revealed yesterday that we captured the senior Iraqi in al Qaeda, Khaled al-Mashhadani. Wouldn't want any good news reaching the voters . . .

Heaven forbid! Woops. Did I just refer to God again? I was wondering that myself during the, er, uh, debate, er, debacle, er, uh, quagmire...the retarded Reid Pajama Party. There it was, breaking news and NO ONE in the Senate seemed to give a damn. The Dems praise the military? Sure they said that they were the best and that "they have done their jobs" but that was just cherry-picking to appease. Not once have they EVER voiced the word V-I-C-T-O-R-Y! It seems that they are allergic to victory. They cannot afford a victory in Iraq or anywhere else as far as victory goes. It would reveal their one-sidedness.

The intelligence report in question said, in essence, that, after the devastating blow we struck against al Qaeda in Afghanistan, the terrorists have regained some strength in their safe haven on Pakistan's Northwest Frontier. It doesn't say that al Qaeda is stronger than ever - although that's what the Dems imply.

EXACTLY SO!! Thanks to Pakistan, we are not allowed to go after the AQP. Personally, a "stray" MOAB or perhaps a few thousand "stray" artillery shells or something similar would eviscerate the AQP and what would Pakistan do? Nothing...or else.

In 2001, al Qaeda had a country of its own. Today, it survives in isolated compounds. And guess which "veteran warrior" wants to go get them?

Sen. Barack Obama. Far too important to ever serve in the military himself, Obama thinks we should invade Pakistan.

Typical. Merely do as I suggested before. An invasion would not be required.

Go for it, Big Guy. Of course, we'll have to reintroduce the draft to find enough troops. And we'll need to kill, at a minimum, a few hundred thousand tribesmen and their families. We'll need to occupy the miserable place indefinitely.

Oh, and Pakistan's a nuclear power already teetering on the edge of chaos.

Barack Obama, strategist and military expert. Who knew?

Not that the problem in Pakistan's Federally Administered Tribal Areas isn't serious. We should be hitting high-value targets there from the air and employing special operations forces - despite the consequences for the Musharraf government. (Or maybe we could just send in Obama Girl? She'd look hot in a burqa.)

Field Marshall Obama's fire-for-effect belligerence underscores the sad truth that the Dems are perfectly willing to squander the lives of our troops. They just don't want any casualties that might lead to positive results before the 2008 election.

Well stated. Like I said and you did, Sir. "Loose" ordnance.

So what's the truth about terrorism? Is the threat worse today than it was in 2001? Why can't we get Osama? Why do the terrorists keep coming?

(We'll skip the embarrassing-for-the-Democrats question about why the terrorists have been unable to strike our country since 9/11.)


Islamist terrorism is about the catastrophic, self-inflicted failure of the Muslim world of the greater Middle East. It's their bad, not ours. They're humiliated, jealous, hateful, stunningly incompetent - and angry about it. And the situation isn't about to change.

We'll face Islamist terror for decades to come. Although only the military can lead this fight, terrorism is like crime in the sense that we'll never eliminate it entirely. But (also as with crime) that doesn't mean it isn't worth reducing terrorism as much as we can.

Does the fact that rapes still occur mean that we should stop arresting rapists? Does our failure to stop all murder mean we should let murderers run wild? Of course not. You nail every criminal you can and make the world safer. But it will never be perfectly safe.

Same with terror.

We have to fight Islamist terrorists tenaciously. And for all its appalling faults, the administration has done a good job on that count. The proof is that we haven't seen 9/11, Act II.

Yet...thanks to Reid's Defeatists Party, they have been enabling and emboldening the enemy on an every day basis. The only people in the world that can depend on the current vaunted majority in CONgress are the terrorists. The enemy is in a constant planning stage of carrying out attacks here...Ft Dix...JFK...??

Oh, we will be struck again. It's inevitable. No matter how good you are, the enemy gets in a lick now and then. But an eventual terrorist success won't mean it wasn't worth interdicting all of the other terrorist plots leading up to it.

Every day we live in safety is a win for the good guys.

What about getting bin Laden? Finding a single individual among 6 billion human beings is tough. Look how long it took us to find the Unabomber right here at home (and he didn't have a fanatical protection network). And we only busted him when his own brother turned him in. Still, I'm confident that, one day, we'll see Osama's corpse. And I hope that the Soldier or Marine who kills him has the rocks to plant an American flag in his eye-socket.

LOLOLOLOLOL!!! I'd pay to see that and then I would print a picture, poster sized, and hang it in my office!!

Meanwhile, we're killing al Qaeda members (mostly Saudis, thanks) in droves in Iraq. That's a good thing, folks. But the Dems want to call it off: They'd allow a defeated al Qaeda to rebound and declare a strategic victory.

Want to help the terrorists find a new wave of recruits? Give them a win in Iraq.

Another ZING! But don't say that out loud. Oh. Wait. You already have. Good for you. I have been saying that since the start.

Bush has gotten plenty wrong. But at least the guy fights. Unlike the Clinton administration - which did all it could to avoid taking serious action against the terrorists as they struck us again and again around the world.

The 9/11 attacks were the culmination of the Clinton presidency. Do we really want to go back there?

They are in denial in that regard what with the recent "critique" from Billy Bob Cigar Toy Boy's yammering about GWB. Deflection and distraction. The MO of a mouse and a coward.

If the Dems have a workable plan to put a permanent end to Islamist terror, let's hear it. Prove me wrong. But if they haven't got a serious plan, they need to shut up and help.

Wouldn't it be great if members of Congress - from both parties - could put our country and the safety of its citizens ahead of shabby politicking?

They are too concerned about "winning" their little retarded power squabbles to be concerned about "We The People". They are too busy getting ready for the next election and the next election and the next election....

They lie, you die.

Ralph Peters' new book, "Wars of Blood and Faith: The Conflicts That Will Shape the 21st Century," is in bookstores now.