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Monday, July 16, 2007

Poor Lowly Approved Of Reid!

Reid, in essence, has said that he is going to take his ball and go home. I can just imagine the conversations during the day and night, looking in mirrors and whining, "It just isn't fair! No one takes me seriously because I am SUCH a loser!"

I can just see him wiping his tears of frustration of Kennedy's and Pelosi's shoulders. What a milquetoast wimp.

What a freak.

The Hill: Reid threatens to file cloture on Levin-Reed
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) said Monday he would move to cut off debate on the majority’s showpiece Iraq withdrawal plan — Reid’s second straight cloture filing on the defense authorization bill — unless Republicans reconsider their insistence on 60-vote margins to approve war amendments.
Isn't that just typical? He cannot get anything done so he wants to change the rules. I guess it was OK for his genre of loser to conduct themselves in the same manner but when someone else shoves his M.O. back in his face, all of a sudden it isn't fair. He is acting like a troll. Imagine that. No big surprises there, are there?

“The American people deserve an up-or-down vote on this amendment, which we believe will lead to a responsible end to this intractable war in Iraq,” Reid said on the floor, referring to a proposal from Sens. Carl Levin (D-Mich.) and Jack Reed (D-R.I.) to begin redeploying troops from Iraq within 120 days.
The American People, Reid? Which ones? The far-left fruit loops? It certainly ISN'T the MAJORITY of the all-inclusive "We The people", is it, Reid? The American People you, Reid, are referring to, are the ones that agree with you, correct? You know. The Defeat In Retreat Crowd. Don't you mean these fruit loops right here?

Michelle Malkin has your number and your dumb dogs too and, so do we.

Reid and his kind are so out of touch. An intractable war? Where is the evidence of this? Surely he, and his kind, pay no never mind to the Boots On The Ground people, do they?

Perhaps it is Military Families Speak Out that boast of 3500 members and not the
Families United for our Troops and Their Mission that boast of members numbering 37,000, he and they listen to.

All of the "anti" crowds are far outnumbered by the "support" crowds but the Lame Stream Media and the Defeatocrats and the RINOs cannot accept that fact.

Reid offered straight up-or-down votes on the Levin-Reed language and a GOP alternative written by Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas), vowing to file for cloture on the former if Republicans continue to object to that arrangement. The impasse, which was unresolved as of press time, signaled little end in sight for the partisan tension that has slowed progress on the defense bill.

Perhaps they should focus on WINNING the war, which we ARE now, and get on with their jobs of doing the bidding of "We The people".

“Blocking an up-or-down vote on Levin-Reed shows Republicans are more interested in protecting the president than our troops,” Reid told reporters.

And, Reid, using the same ill-fated logic, all you are interested in is appeasement of the crowds that have dragged you and your kind into the cesspool of the lowest approved of CONgress in history. Good job. Stabbing the troops in the back and siding with the likes of Murtha, Kennedy and Pelosi has gotten you where, exactly? In the middle of a self-induced quagmire of ignorance? Well done.

Reid? Have you not heard? You are in the minority here and no one of substance is listening to you. Wake up.

In addition to the Levin-Reed amendment, at least six high-profile amendments remain on the schedule for this week. Reid said the Senate may stay in session very late tonight until agreement is reached.

Drink lots of coffee. And thanks for wasting untold millions of the money which has been stolen from "We The People".