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Monday, November 12, 2007

Chief Distortionist Greenwald Whining About Ron Paul Distortions?


What a crock! no matter the spin, Greenie, spin is spin and your version of spin is ineffective...we are on to you and have been for quite a spell. Ron Paul is a fraud, plain and simple. As most politicians do, he likes to waste tax payer's money, much like Kucinich trying to impeach VP Cheney for uncommitted crimes to satisfy the ill-fated and passe anti-Americanist Movement(s), aka, Convoluted Bowel Movements.

Ronniev Pauliev, although blessed with the gift of gab, is, at heart, an anti-Americanist himself and his following is no better than the likes of the crowds such as Code Pepto Dismal and similar pathetic minions. It is no wonder that the Leftinistra author for salon, a known Leftinistra rag, a mouthpiece for other anti-Americanist groups, would rally to the aid of another Leftinistra in GOP Garb.

News Flash to Greenie Waldo...Ron Paul is not a Republican. We also know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the "supporters" for Ronniev Pauliev are part of the dire straights the Leftinistra are in and, whatever they can do to trash the upcoming elections, they will do. It isn't working. Ronniev Pauliev hasn't a snowball's chance in Kennedy's freezer to make it to the White House.

Orcinus has an in-depth look into Ron Paul's "record" and it clearly reveals an Isolationist and shallow politician that is not only unqualified to lead this Great Nation, he is unqualified to breath free air. This piece is what has Greenie Waldo's panties in a wad. This piece and the plethora of others past, present and future will sink Ronniev Pauliev and the supporters will go back supporting the likes of Kucinich...that is if the Mother Ship doesn't arrive in time.

Little Green Footballs posted this a few days ago and the Paulievs shrieked...

LGF reader Shiplord Kirel alerts us to some very interesting excerpts at Free Republic from the old Ron Paul newsletter, being posted by a Freeper over the objections of the site's Paulians. The excerpts are from the mid 80s to the late 90s:

Ron Paul supported the PLO terrorists (1985)
Ron Paul: Israel bought Jesse Helms (1985)
Ron Paul" Traitor had direct line to President Reagan (1992, refers to commie business collaborator Armand Hammer)
RON PAUL ON DEFENSE SPENDING (1992, sounds like Ramsey Clark)
Ron Paul: Clinton didn't cut defense enough (1993)
Ron Paul: US "military is mowing civilians down in the streets" (1993, refers to Somalia)
RON PAUL ACCUSED U.S. TROOPS OF WAR CRIMES IN DESERT STORM (1991, this one repeats Ramsey Clark's allegations almost verbatim)

He has no thoughts of his own and his whining voice attracts the weak...

Catch the wave.

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