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Monday, November 12, 2007

The Leftinistra Find The Term "Liberal" Abhorrent


There is quite a bit of noise out an about in regards to the term "liberal". It seems that not only are the Leftinistra, the armies of the socialist liberal, trying to rewrite our American Heritage and History, they are now trying to act the chameleon. So, what else is new? Changing their skin is their norm, is it not?

The Astute Bloggers have a pretty funny bumper sticker campaign going, revealing the metamorphosis the Leftinistra have been going through in the Quest of The Holy Identity.

The American Thinker
[...] No, not that "L" word. Rather, they can't seem to refer to themselves as what they truly are; liberals:

Hillary Rodham Clinton was asked this summer if she would describe herself as a "liberal."

The Democratic front-runner shied away, saying the "word -noticeably not using the word-has taken on a connotation that "describes big government". "I prefer the word 'progressive,'" she said. It has a "real American meaning."

Then she expanded the term to "modern progressive," and, finally, clarified that she was a "modern American progressive.""
Why don't the Republicans have this problem?
At a recent Republican debate, Rudy Giuliani referred to himself as a "conservative" four times in roughly the same time span-a minute or so-it took Clinton to reject the word "liberal" and embrace "progressive."

In seven Republican debates this year the word "conservative" was used 100 times. In the seven Democratic debates the word "liberal" was used four times-not once by a candidate. "Conservative is identified with a sensibility," Stanford University linguist Geoffrey Nunberg said.
Nunberg quipped "You can be as liberal as much as you like, if you are a Democrat, as long as you don't call yourself a liberal." [...]

The Politico explains, to a degree, why the "liberals" are so afraid of that terminology that describes them to a "T".

Anyone with at least 17 microns of a brain know what the deal is-and why. The liberals are FOR VERY BIG GOVERNMENT and Nanny States. They use the term "progressive" because, who doesn't want to "progress"? As a side-bar, if CON is the opposite of PRO, is CONgress the opposite of PROgress? Just curious.

I always make it a point to ask a "progressive" that doesn't have the moral fortitude and courage to admit to being a low-life scum liberal what it is exactly they are progressing towards. They never answer the question. Why is that?

Check out Doug Ross.

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