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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Snooper's First Outing At American Truth Warriors


On 11/13/2007, Snooper conducted his first Bloggers Round Table on A Newt One's Blog Talk Radio Show, American Truth Warriors. Here is the monologue for the first show. Check out the show on archives at ATW.

Welcome to Snooper's Bloggers Round Table. This is my first show at my new home at A Newt One and the BTR show of ATW. The Bloggers Round Table was and is a hit at my other place and from time to time, Snooper will be over there on Special Occasions.

In the mean time, I am here at ATW with my partners SonLitKnight, Darter45 and JimmyZ. Together, we will conquer Blogdom. After all, we have been classified as a level PhD in blog content and editorials. We bring to the table facts, something that creates a repulsive condition within the brain synapse pathways of the most extremes of the moonbat gathering of insignificant twits.

I have brought with me other bloggers that have their own highly acclaimed blogs and are free to post their content at A Newt One. They are, Right In A Left World-Lew; Do The Right Thing-Pastor Ed; Miss Beth's Victory Dance-Miss Beth; Wake Up America-Spree and Hawk; Black Tygrrrr Expressss-Eric; Right Truth-Deb; Gazing At The Flag, FaultLine USA and the Islam Scholars Dean and Ben.

We do not utilize the usual and ineffective distraction techniques as so prevalent within the rank and file of the anti-Americanist groups whose only agenda is to destroy this country from within.

For example, in today's NY Slimes, there is a piece by Bob Herbert, desperately trying to discredit the Greatest President this country has seen since George Washington. The question is this...WHY? Why now do the Leftinistra so desperately need to destroy the credibility of Ronald Wilson Reagan. It is so simple of an answer that one does not need to be associated with PhD levels of comprehension abilities but, it helps. The Good Book teaches us that the Lord uses the simple things to confound the wise. That tenet is so true that most miss it because they are so entwined in masking things, people and places into an obscure conundrum. If the current event is so confusing and convoluted, the simpletons rely in their betters so interpret the current event for them because they are unable to think for themselves.

Case in point, as I alluded to just a few moments ago; Ronald Wilson Reagan MUST be discredited because if a Reagan Era Conservative comes forward, the Leftinistra, the Clintonesque, Pelosiesque, the Reidesque, the types such as Boxer, Biden, Kucinich (UFO Boy), Edwards, and the Kennedy Clans are finished for another 30+ years and possibly longer than that. They cannot afford such a political figure to emerge. If one does, they are doomed. They know it. We know it. And, now, you know it.

Under the Leadership of Ronald Wilson Reagan, the United States regained her proper place in the leadership roles of a Free World as THE leading Free Nation. The United States defeated and awesome enemy and a fearless nation...the USSR..without firing a shot. The United States took on the USSR and Cuba via Grenada. The economy soared. There were, without argument, some set backs and all Presidencies experience those and to say that Ronald Wilson Reagan is a racist is tantamount to requiring a stay at your nearest Insane Asylum for the Politically Inane.

The racist cards are played by losers when facts and figures don't quite perform as the Leftinistra would like. Victory In Iraq is now a fact and not a hope. For me, Snooper, I never doubted there would be a Victory and thank God above the ROE has successfully been changed. The Leftinistra are scrambling for another issue.

In recent days, it has been shown that the Leftinistra have tried 40 times to lose the war in Iraq. As I, Snooper, have been saying for at least 8 years now, the Leftinistra heavily invest in defeat. Well, they have done the same here with the Iraq War and they have lost. Seeing that they invest in defeat, this defeat of theirs should have made them happy but, it did not.

Now, they are trying to find yet another issue to be on the wrong side of so they can scream, whine and moan about how bad the other side is. They dwell on chaos. They thrive in crisis management because they can prey on the fears of the mentally challenged...their far-left kook-fringed moonbat base. Little do they know that their outer fringe anti-Americanists are no longer taken seriously as has been seen and exposed in recent rallies.

Veterans from around the country are turning out in record numbers and confronting the moonbats and the moonbats shrink in fear and awe of such courage.

This is why Ronald Wilson Reagan must be discredited because there are no other fronts upon which to join in the battle of Right versus Wrong.

I, Snooper, make the following prediction: we will retain the White House and take back the House of Representatives and will maintain our current levels in the Senate.

We are on a roll and it took the elections of 'o6 to get the Silent Majority to get up off their rear ends and make some noise.

God Bless America and welcome to my show