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Saturday, November 17, 2007

On Changing Directions and General Petraeus

A Democratic senator on Saturday accused President Bush and congressional Republicans of hindering his party's attempts to chart a new course in Iraq even though U.S. troops are fighting violence "they cannot possibly resolve." [...]
That Democratic Party Senator (read Defeatist Troll) would be the Dishonorable Senator Bob Casey, D-PA. His "party's attempts to chart a new course in Iraq" is a defeatist course and is unacceptable to the vast majority of the American People and certainly not the course The United States Armed Services wants, needs or desires.

This same ignoramus also said the following:
[...] "They will face hatred they did not create and sectarian violence they cannot possibly resolve," Casey said. "They are doing a remarkable job, a heroic job, but the Iraqi leaders are not holding up their end of the bargain." [...]
Let us take a look at some developments that this fool and others like him cannot admit to and keep up with, shall we?
[...] Violence has fluctuated widely since the 2003 U.S. invasion. But analysts say recent improvements may continue because of more effective U.S. tactics and a rebellion against al Qaeda in Iraq by Sunni leaders in Anbar province.

Roadside bombing incidents have fallen by more than half since March. U.S. military deaths in October were at their lowest level since March 2006, and Iraqi civilian deaths were down about two-thirds from a 2007 high in January.

O'Hanlon said he believed the less violent conditions are likely to endure until Bush leaves office, despite the planned withdrawal of 20,000 U.S. combat troops by next July. [...]
The Defeatists are demanding troop withdrawals and the silly imps don't even know that this has already been planned. I sure wish they could keep up. I suppose that this is not an example, one of several hundred, that this is violence "that they cannot possibly resolve", eh? it seems that what the Defeatists are in fear of is that GWB was right after all and they, once again, are on the wrong side of this all so important issue. They are also in fear of a Victory in Iraq and we must ask ourselves why that is...exactly.

If you have been following our articles/news on the 101st Airborne, you will find this Good News that the Defeatocrats ignore. An occurrence such as this as well as many others could not take place as easy as it has without the cooperation of the locals that are overwhelmingly coming to the aid of coalition forces.

And, yes, I do question their patriotism as I do, have and, always will question these fools at Sadly, NO!'s patriotism. It is fools such as these that the Defeatocrats cater and pander to. One of these days, the Defeatocrats will figure out these trivial and insignificant trolls of their moonbat base is not representative of the vast majority of Americans. If they were, why do they have so much trouble changing course from victory to defeat? And, if this war is so illegal and so unconstitutional, why then, haven't charges been brought up seriously? The last attempt was shear bluster on the part of Kucinich.

The distraction techniques the Defeatocrats use are the epiphany they so fear. It marks forever their inability to lead. The Defeatocrats also do not understand the phrase God and Country.

From Q and O: Is the Cone of Silence on Iraq beginning to lift?
Yesterday I posted about Michael Yon's latest. I included the usual lament about lack of mainstream media coverage, as I have other times I've posted one of his dispatches. I've been referring to it as the "cone of silence" for a while, calling back to the old Get Smart television series that most of our readers are probably too young to remember.

I'm certainly not the only one who has noticed a dearth of coverage. Just yesterday, Investor's Business Daily said:
Which makes it all the more curious why major newspapers and network TV news programs can lead with a barrage of news out of Iraq when things there go bad, but can't seem to find the space or time when things turn good. As the bad news dries up, their interest in the good remains nil.

It takes people like Yon ... to tell us what's going on - not the highly paid prima donnas whose past reporting has made them so invested in defeat that they can no longer afford to tell us the truth.
However, this time one of our commenters, "glasnost", took me to task on the cone of silence assertion. His initial, and strongest, evidence consisted of three stories just yesterday in the New York Times. [...]

The Leftinistra thrive and lust for Bad News...it sooths the void that once was a home for their soul.

With Iran lending less and less help in Iraq, our troops are doing better at winning seeing that the proxy war with Iran is on hold for the time being. This is also bad news to the Defeatocrats.

One should also be able to conclude from the evident stupid actions of the Defeatocrats in recent days that the Good News flowing from the bowels of Iraq are simply too overwhelming for the cretins to accept and absorb into their collapsed cranial synapse pathways.

Michael Yon has several recent fantastic reports on previously thought to be impossible to take place. This Good News reporting comes on the heels of the Petraeus March To Victory. These reports can be found here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here.

Other Good News reports that totally frighten the likes of the Defeatocrats can be located here at The Victory Caucus.

At A Second Hand Conjecture, they have this to say about the likes of ReidCo:
[...] As the situation on the ground in Iraq continues to brighten, and a light begins to appear at the end of the war tunnel, is it the brightest thing in the world to starve the military at this juncture? Anti-War Democrats constantly harp on how Pres. Bush has "broken" the military. Do they feel any responsibility when they pull purely political stunts like this? I'm guessing not. [...]
Truly amazingly simple when you sit back and cut through the dross of distraction. Harry Reid and his kind cannot, will not, won't ever take responsibility for their own defeatist BS...his approval rating is 2 points below his nemesis GWB.

Petraeus Becoming Increasingly Important
Astute Bloggers
[...] The Petraeus Surge is working.

No greater proof of this is the fact that the MSM has virtually stopped reporting on the war there because almost all the military news is good.

The question remains for some critics: did it come too late, and why didn't it come earlier - as if Bush could gave done so in 2004 or 2005 or 2006. [...]
Very well stated...

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