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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Conservative Bloggers: On The Rise And Winning...UPDATED!!


Illegal immigration. I, the one and only Snooper, have made the case time and again, as have many other of my peers,
that the Leftinistra, whether they be Democrat, Independent or Republican, will do whatever it takes to achieve a new voter base and, they will try time and time again to back-door legal status of the bazillions of illegal immigrants internal CONUS.

They need a new voter base because their moonbat fringe kook loons are an international embarrassment and through their total lack of moral fortitude, have murdered untold millions of Americans via abortions. Well done, morons. Nothing like killing off generations of voters to make a name for themselves, eh?

Gov Spitzer has scrapped his brazen attempt to legalize illegal immigrants via the ruse of public safety by issuing driver's licenses as a means of "identification". Another Leftinistra ploy has been sand-bagged by us in The New Media. This is great news. As we have stated before, there is nowhere to hide.
[...] The governor's office signaled to New York lawmakers Tuesday that Spitzer will say at the meeting that he is shelving the plan and that immigration is a federal issue to be handled by Washington, according to congressional aides who spoke to the AP on condition of anonymity because no formal announcement had been made. [...]
Yes, it is the job of the Fed to handle and the Fed knows exactly what the vast majority of the law-abiding citizens want and Shamnesty ain't it.

Suitably Flip:
[...] Maybe this rare Spitzerian backpeddle had something to do with the rookie Governor's re-election support dropping to just 25% just a year after he was swept into office in a 69%:29% landslide. Or maybe he just wants to spend more time explaining about his status as Norman Hsu's highest-paid politician (with three times as much direct funding as Senator Clinton.)

Speaking of whom, I wonder whether Hillary still supports, doesn't support, supports the illegrant immigrant licensing plan, now that even its architect has abandoned it. [...]
I don't think Hillary even knows. Check out mm.com for an interesting take:
[...] Don't celebrate too hard, though. Several other states continue to provide licenses to illegal aliens and it is the Bush administration that continues to approve the use of the illegal alien matricula consular card.

Spitzer's retreat is a significant victory and a symbolic victory, but a small one in the continuing struggle between Sanctuary Nation and Sovereign Nation. [...]
Hot Air:
[...] About 70 percent of New Yorkers oppose the license plan, according to a Siena College poll of 625 registered state voters released Tuesday. The poll, conducted Nov. 5-8, had a sampling margin of 3.9 percentage points. [...]
This should make life much easier for Mrs. Clinton in the upcoming debate. [...]

[...] I'd hedge a guess and say maybe something about his other problems, including his free falling poll numbers, may have helped him make up his mind.

Put nothing past this sneak, however. As soon as he thinks the coast is clear, he'll try this again. The Hispanic lobby will be all over him for backing off, so look for an end-around at some point.
No doubt...they keep killing off babies and POOF! there goes the voter base.

Catch the wave:

Others blogging:
JammieWearingFool: Spitzer Scuttles Licenses for Illegals Plan
The Grey Ghost This right jere is a GREAT rant!
[...] Then too is the fact that your wife continues to underestimate the intelligence of the American voter with her double-talk on key issues. The idiot governor of New York just announced that he's dumping his licenses for illegals plan. Why? Because most Americans are concerned about terrorists, saw through Spitzer's stupidity right away and declared themselves against it right away (thank goodness that most Americans aren't liberals!) Instead of taking a stand against this insipid idea, your wife played it cautious. But presidents can't afford to be cautious, they need to make firm decisions or else the electorate loses faith in them. By trying to play both sides of the fence Hillary is showing more and more signs that she can't lead and that puts her at risk of standing for nothing, as well as everything, and then losing.


And the Leftinistra, the anti-Americanists whine:
Talk Left: [...] No, leadership is doing what's right. Gov. Spitzer needs to get some spine.

More to come we are sure...we'll keep y'all posted.