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Monday, November 12, 2007

Target 2050...Bracketed: SABOT


There are individuals and groups in this country that are completely and totally, mentally incapable of grasping and understanding the Global Jihad Western Civilization faces in these modern times.

As presented in abundance here on this blog and elsewhere, if one cares to discover the truth, there is indeed a Global Jihad and this nation, the United States, is a target of that Global Jihad. World Net Daily has the verbiage so blatantly declared. Jihad Watch has even more appalling data here.

CAIR has often stated that they are not here to aid in the inter-relations between "infidels" and "the Jihadim" but to take over the United States Government. We all know that among us, there are Jihadi bloggers and trolls.
[...] As WND reported, the founder of the leading Islamic lobby group CAIR, the Council on Islamic-American Relations, reportedly told a group of Muslims in California they are in America not to assimilate but to help assert Islam's rule over the country. CAIR spokesman Ibrahim Hooper also has said, in a newspaper interview, he hopes to see an Islamic government over the U.S. some day, brought about not by violence but through "education." [...]
There are some, to our detriment, that will not accept this at face value, claiming ignorant rhetoric such as racism and fear for those of us that have the intelligence levels to comprehend.

We find Hizzbullah making noise about the total take-over of their little part of the world.

More on Hizzbullah here and here. A video in point here.

al-Qaida have stepped up attacks in Algeria.

Naturally, we have the story about the poor misunderstood Islamic Rage Poster Boy and those that "feel sorry" for the poor Jihadi.

Nigeria has recently busted up an AQ ring in their part of the world.

American Congress for Truth:
[...] John Green of the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life noted that "radical Islam, in the same way that radical Communism was, is a threat that would interfere with families, with good government, and also the church and the spreading of the Gospel."
And how do Muslim Brotherhood front groups in the U.S., bent on an eventual takeover of the U.S., view these developments? Salam Al-Marayati, executive director of the Los Angeles-based Muslim Public Affairs Council believes that, "in the long run, it's to the detriment of America's interests and it’s pandering to a bloc of voters in a very shortsighted way." [...]
Shortsighted? For the brain dead...perhaps. I suppose that when the Sword of Allah falls on their worthless necks, they will then proclaim, "IT WASN'T MY FAULT!"

CAIR meets regularly with known Jihadim members and often brag about the take-over of America from within and also supporting the killing of all Jews and those supporting the Jews.. Sound familiar? And Conservatives are the fascists? Not hardly.

Atlas Shrugs has an article up here.

Extremist D.C. imam Abdul Alim Musa declares Muslim takeover-plan of U.S.
Here we have fiery Imam Abdul Alim Musa, an afro American convert to Sunni Islam, notorious anti-Semite and supporter of Sunni and Shia terror groups, Hamas and Hezbollah getting a soap box to prattle the basic line of the Muslim Brotherhood and Political Islam: "We will dominate the world, including the U.S. by 2050."
Musa, founder of the movement As-Sabiqun forswears the usual great divide between Sunni and Shia Muslims and supports a global movement of Muslim extremists and terror groups. He is an unabashed supporter of the black-turbaned Shia Mahdist Mullahs and Ayatollah of the Islam republic of Iran and its President, Ahmadinejad. He clearly supports Shia proxy of Iran, Hizballah in Lebanon and Hamas, a Muslim Brotherhood affiliate in Gaza. His takeover plan looks like a carbon copy of the so-called secret 20 year plan U.S. "takeover" plan fashioned by Muslim Brotherhood front groups like CAIR that was introduced during the recent Federal Mistrial of the Holy Land Foundation Muslim charity trial in Dallas. [...]
Are there any questions?

More plots against the US by AQ were foiled in Azerbaijan. A proclamation for the rise of Infitada can be found here. Irate Nation has a piece here. LAPD began their own insurgency here.

Qatar: Gulf Times “Anger at police plan to map Muslims.
Pakistan: LAPD plan to map Muslim communities slammed.
Turkey: Anger at LA police plan to map Muslims.

Hamas is planning the take-over of Israel. I wonder if Hamas and Hizzbullah get along.

Jihadim are in this country now plotting against our children and it just might be a for little too late for Europe.

Catch the wave here.