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Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Czarbama Spell and The Moonbat Trance Enigma


One of our contributors to A Newt One, JPA Live and owner/operator of the Joshua P Allem blog, published a post located here entitled, Bill O'Reilly, Laura Ingraham & Charles Krauthammer On Obama's Speech In Berlin. It is a video worth viewing. What is relevant here is a particular individual that has commented on this post. The comments URL is here if you care to check it out as I am sure that there may be more to follow.

As is the norm and usual for the zombies which have blindly subverted themselves to The One Czarbama, Eric has tried to make a point but, the point is actually a dull. He started out complaining about the inference that Czarbama chose to opine and orate from a location which Hitler made his move(s) to bring in the reign of Nazi Germany.

Czarbama has the uncanny ability, as did Hitler and other tyrannical despots, to cause others to swoon and squeal at his very presence and the sound of his voice. He appeals to the emotion and not the intellect. Every single topic or issue that The One rambles on about cannot be reconciled with the United States Constitution. Not one.

At any rate, the post by JPA got this particular trolls' attention and got the dander up. Here are the comments, by and large:
Eric: Origin of the Berlin Victory Column


Designed by Heinrich Strack after 1864 to commemorate the Prussian victory in the Danish-Prussian War, by the time it was inaugurated on 2 September 1873, Prussia had also defeated Austria in the Austro-Prussian War (1866) and France in the Franco-Prussian War (1870–71), giving the statue a new purpose.

-Basically any monument in Berlin can be attributed to having a connection to Hitler, but as the excerpt states the monument in no way can be attributed to Nazi architecture.

Snooper: I don't know about that. Albert Speer may disagree.

Eric: I don't think the Architect would disagree that the the victory column was a Prussian symbol and not a Nazi symbol. Besides, do you really think that Barack Obama was trying to emulate Hitler or Hess by speaking there? That is a pretty big logical leap considering it is a monument in the heart of Berlin in front of a large plaza perfect for giving speeches...

Snooper: Czarbamas' very tonal inflections tell the tale and his Marxism/Fascism is obvious even to the oblivious. The oblivious just cannot come out and openly admit it.

Eric: Your ignorance is obvious even to the oblivious when you use the phrase "marxism/fascism." By saying that you are revealing the true shallowness in your political scientific understanding. Further, after living eight years in a Bush administration, for any conservative to call a Democrat a totalitarian is way beyond the pot calling the kettle black.

Soonlit: Notice that "Eric" the dork has no particular support for his idiocy.

Snooper: This is going to be a BEAUTIFUL blog post! PLEASE do not remove/delete this idiotic comment.

And thus, the makings of this post. In my readings and studies of Nazi Germany and knowing that Albert Speer was Adolf's architect, he many times absolutely marveled as to how appropriate the Berlin Victory Column was to represent the new Germany. The world historians know this and those that worship Nazi Germany's Adolf Hitler also know this. Seeing that I do not believe in coincidences and knowing what I do know about the Czarbama due to what I do not know about the Czarbama, I can only conclude that he too knows the history of the location he chose from which to berate, abase and trash the country of which he wants to rule.

At first he tried to opine from the Brandenburg Gate which is reserved for Heads of State and it was refused him...he, Czarbama, is not a Head of State. His arrogance precedes him. His speech was all about himself, that much is clear.

Eric asked the question "do you really think that Barack Obama was trying to emulate Hitler or Hess by speaking there?" and then stated that the location was perfect for giving speeches. It may be a good location for opining but for a possible future Head of State to state similar sentiments that Hitler did from that location should be a wake up call. As a matter of fact, it was and is. Czarbama fell flat on his trip and his speech from the Hitler Hall of Shame is what did it to him. He is a victim of his own self-perceived greatness.

What the swallowers of Czarbama's lap left overs fail to recognize is their own inability to see that which is obvious. What has Czarbama accomplished in his life? What qualifies Czarbama to be POTUS? His 143 days as a US Senator? His shady political, business and personal dealings in Chicago? His experiences as an Illinois politician where he rarely actually showed up to do anything constructive? Is it his associations with known anti-Americanists and his communist mentors? Is it his fawning all over the tenets of one Saul Alinsky? Is it his view that it is OK to kill a baby born from a failed abortion? Is it his Marxist/Fascist ideals? What exactly has Czarbama actually accomplished that qualifies him to become the 44th POTUS?

The answer, naturally, is nothing. Not one Czarbamaite has been able to produce one thing that even comes close to revealing a qualifying factor. Perhaps it is his Civilian National Security Forces that qualifies him to become POTUS. Yes? No?

Eric seems to think, from his comment above, that Czarbama isn't a Marxist/Fascist but President Bush is. He offered no qualifying data other than a "pissed off" blathering. That is typical of the emotional moonbat and Czarbama lap licker. The moonbats of Czarbama have yet to present any evidence that the Bush Administration is a Fascist anything. Not one. Why? Because they cannot. Why? Because there isn't any.

The Democrat Party in the United States are indeed totalitarian and the proof in the pudding is the recent actions or inactions by one Nancy Pelosi in regards to the current fuel cost crisis that 70%+ Americans are demanding to be addressed. She, in essence, said that she didn't care about the American People demands and voted to go on vacation and that the bill to address the issue would not be reviewed under her watch. and THAT is tyrannical.

The American People spoke and she ignored them even though she PROMISED the American People back in 2006 that SHE would lower the fuel costs...they have DOUBLED under her watch and she doesn't give a damn. He partners even said that even when fuel is $10 per gallon, they will still NOT do anything about it.

And THAT is totalitarian and Czarbama subscribes to that attitude.

In conclusion, Snooper kicks another moonbat Czarbama troll to the curb. Feel free to kick it and throw dirt in its pathetic face.