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Saturday, August 2, 2008

I Guess Today Is Moonbat Monitoring Day


If there was an award for the Most Idiotic Moonbat Retardo Blog, methinks Schmucks and Dweebs would win it hands down. Not even the KOSmonoffs would win first prize...just a mere close second.

They haled Jimmy Carter as a GREAT president and his GREAT speech about energy was classic. It sure was. It was classic stupidity. Under Jimmy Carter, we had double digits in everything that destroys economies and he single-handedly got us into a war with Iran in 1979. Jimmy Carter? Please. Don't make me lose my diner.

They have absolutely no clue whatsoever about ECO101 and they actually believe that man-made Global Warming is a problem. Simply amazing. Behold:
[...] In the nearly thirty years since Carter delivered that speech, any politician that has ventured into similar territory has been similarly mocked and derided by Republicans. Barack Obama was mocked viciously just yesterday - and explicitly compared to Carter - because he pointed out that filling your tires with air reduces fuel consumption. Over the years, leaders of the Republican Party - like Dick Cheney - have been openly hostile to the very concept of conservation and have allowed lobbyists for the oil companies to literally write our nations' energy policies. And during that time, almost three decades, we've become far more dependent on foreign oil, and our government has made little if any effort to encourage the development of alternative energy sources or even to take simple steps to improve energy efficiency (such as raising CAFE standards for automobile makers). [...]
Good God Almighty. The One Czarbama has been compared to an idiot! EGADS! Just because it is true they get upset?

What these absolute MORONS cannot accept is that it has been DEMOCRATS that have gotten us dependent on foreign oil. It has been the DEMOCRATS failed policies and not Vice President Cheney's associations with that big mean oil thing. I guess Al Gore and the Kennedy's get a free pass on that.

Such petty and pathetic idiots these jerks are. No wonder they are sinking into that Abyss of Obscurity.