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Friday, August 1, 2008

Iraq War News The Leftinistra Cannot Accept


Not only can the Leftinistra not accept the news I am about to bring to light, they are repelled by it because it is Truth.

The Iraqi PM said yesterday the following: Iraqi MP: "Let Iran and Those Foolish Arab Countries Listen Carefully. Iraq Will be an Ally of the West".... That has just GOT to get the goat, no pun intended naturally, of the Leftinistra that tried all so hard in all of 2006, 2007 and 2008 to lose the war and make our enemies - their friends - happy...especially Czarbama now that it has been shown that he himself has had some shady dealings with the enemy. And where does his allegiance fall and to whom? With nearly half of adult Americans now believe that the Troops Surge was a good idea after all, I am sure that number will rise exponentially in the future.

With the Washington Compost FINALLY saying what I have been saying for nearly three years now, I wonder if the BDS ills are being cured by accepting Truth. The fact of the matter is this - Al Qaeda is done in Iraq and have moved to Afghanistan and Pakistan through Iran. We have known this for a very long time. This really is not new news but, to the WaPo it seems like a surprise.

As with the typical Leftinistra, the ACLU founded by a known hard-core communist and a sworn enemy of the United States, the ACLU continues to aid and abet our enemies. That is still called treason folks. See democrats and terrorists collection here.

The organization of which I am a proud member, Vets For Freedom, is heading back to Iraq to report on the news that the Lame Stream Media and the wimp Czarbama cannot. They cannot report the Truth of Iraq because it would expose just how wrong they have been all along and still are. They can play their silly games with Troops' lives for political gain and rack up the body counts for their ghoulish reasons. One of these days they will be held accountable for the lives they themselves have destroyed.

Henry Kissinger writes: (in part)
[...] In this manner, prospects for reconciliation among the three parts of the country, Kurdish, Shiite and Sunni, have appeared not through legislation, as congressional resolutions applying the American experience imagined, but by necessity and a measure of military and political equilibrium. Since the need for American forces in dealing with a massive insurrection has diminished, they can increasingly concentrate on helping the Iraqi government resist pressures from neighbors and the occasional flare-up of terrorist attacks from al-Qaeda or Iranian-backed militias. In that environment, the various national and provincial elections foreseen for the next months in Iraq's constitution can help shape new Iraqi institutions. [...]
Put that in your wadded panties, Czarbama. The rest of the article is better than the above snippet. Naturally, the Troop Surge in Iraq didn't work. That is why casualties of American Forces in Iraq are at an all time low...and, by the way, the Troop Surge Troops are either home or on there way. Just ask me. My son is home now and he was part of the Surge. Kiss my ass Czarbama. For a more detailed report plus a special video, go to Gateway Pundit.

Victor Davis Hanson writes: (in part - the rest is phenomenal)
[...] The 2007 surge, the Anbar Awakening of tribal sheiks against al-Qaeda, the change to counterinsurgency tactics, the vast increase in the size and competence of the Iraqi Security Forces, the sheer number of enemy jihadists killed between 2003 and 2008, the unexpected political savvy of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, and the magnetic leadership of Gen. David Petraeus have all contributed to a radically improved Iraq.

Pundits and politicians - especially presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama - are readjusting their positions to reflect the new undeniable realities on the ground in Iraq.

The additional five combat brigades that surged into Iraq in 2007 are already redeployed out of the country. American soldiers are incrementally turning province after province over to the Iraqi Security Forces, and planning careful but steady withdrawals for 2009. [...]
Bite me Czarbama, Pelosi, Murtha, Reid and HillBill. George Tenet - perhaps one day we will meet and have coffee...again? What do you say? Moron.

As was the original intent of the Troop Surge, the Surge Troops are now NOT there and further Troop cuts are in the working stages...AS ADVERTISED and implemented that the Leftinistra also APPROVED of. Makes me ill to think just how many Troops were KIA and wounded because of the political footballs being played with by the DEMOCRATS.

I know I have written of this many times but, Right Truth has the straight skinny about the WMDs that Saddam's Iraq didn't have that were shipped to Syria that Israel destroyed not too long ago.

Stay tuned...more to follow...that is all. Carry on.