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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Democrats Running Away From Czarbama and the DNC In Droves


Lftbhndagn from PDdotcom brings news, as does Gateway Pundit and Power Line that Czarbama and the DNC leadership - if you can call it leadership - (seen and heard Nancy recently?) are so out of touch with their constituency, their "underlings" have become disenfranchised and are abandoning ship in vast numbers. This is a sign of several things.

It could mean that the run-of-the-mill and basic Democrat Party member recognizes the far-left and socialist/Marxist/fascist ideologies so espoused by the Deanites, and see that as detrimental to the American Traditional Way of Life. And, that is rightfully so. Nothing the DNC so espouses can be reconciled with the United States Constitution...not one. I would invite any Leftinistra to at least TRY and prove that statement wrong. Some have tried in the past and ended up calling me a fascist Bushite because they could not reconcile and lost the argument. Typical.

It could be that folks are finally catching on to the unknowns of this upstart Czarbama.

It could be that his flip-flopping around like a fish out of water on every topic, the most recent being off-shore drilling.

It could be that the Barackometer accurately reveals the empty suit running for POTUS.

It could be that they have noticed that Czarbama once said that he would welcome a debate at any time and at any place but continuously "changes directions". He has backed down on the Townhall style debate but has agreed to 3 debates in the fall, after the conventions. Naturally. He doesn't want to confirm his inability to debate and yak without the benefit of a teleprompter before the convention. He wants to wait until it is too late to "change" candidates and "hope" folks don't notice. It is obvious that he cannot hold his own when he is "on the spot". Sad.

It could be that they witnessed John McCain exposing this sad-sacked Marxist wanna-be World President with his own words about inflating our tires to keep us from needing to drill for our own oil. Inflating our tires is going to save the planet? For such an educated man, he sure is on the unintelligent side of the Smart-O-Meters.

It could be that more and more are finding out that his "contributions" are coming via our enemies. That's nice, isn't it?

It could be that more and more are finding out that Czarbama isn't coming forth with his own official birth certificate which is EASY to get but there is now a petition running around to FORCE the issue.

Or, they are just sick and tired of the flaw-filled "flawless" one.