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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Once Again Around the Blogosphere Seeking Fodder


The New Republic states that the GOPers are running scared over the idiot Stevens indictment. Not hardly. The guy is a worm and always has been. He has pretty much stayed out of the limelight because he is way the hell up there in Alaska, a state rarely heard from of of. As is the norm when GOP politicians, at least on the national level, those that get caught and/or identified as charlatans, cretins or otherwise, they are removed from office. That is the rule. Unfortunately, the RINO GOPers don't follow those rules. They are actually democrats in republican clothing. They need to go and hide in a cave never to be heard from again.

In contrast however, the democrats circle the wagons when one of their own gets caught in similar circumstances but that's OK. They are expected to continue in their fraudulent, unethical and illegal activities because that is the only way a democrat can retain their office...cheat rob and steal. And that is an historical fact, much to the chagrin of democrat party politicians...seen Pennsylvania recently? Or that frozen money man from Louisiana?

The New York Slimes blog The Board is obviously upset about facts and Truth. In the recent ad by the McCain Camp depicting Czarbama as an empty suit running on adrenalin via his celebrity status, the Truth is indeed compelling and I find it curious that factual events aren't discussed by the Czarbamatrons. High taxes and war defeats is what The Big O is all about. Get over it. The drooling over the the Big O is obvious and has been exposed. get over it.

Ross Douthat has a message for the Leftinistra in regards to the recent excellent McCain ad...
[...] Here's a tip for liberals: If your candidate is going to stage enormous rallies in front of tens of thousands of chanting Germans (with monuments to Prussian military might in the background) in the middle of his Presidential campaign, it isn't the GOP's fault if the footage comes out looking a little like Hitler at Nuremberg. [END]
OUCH! That has to smart a bit. Good job! I sort of said the same thing in this post. Interesting. More here. And, by the way, screw Paris Hilton's family.

Another item for voters to figure out is this: it is the DEMOCRAT Party that lusts for HIGHER gas prices at the pump and not the Republican Party unless those members of the GOP are RINOs. Today, an idiot, Ken Salazar (D-CO) said that even if fuel went to $10 per gallon at the pump, the democrats would not do anything to curtail the bleeding. Video here.

Some think that McCain isn't being very nice and all but that is just too damn bad, isn't it? Who said one has to be nice to an enemy? Is Czarbama being nice when he pulls the race card because there are no black people on American currency? Hello? What an idiot. On that same thought pattern, why is it OK all of a sudden for Czarbama to pull the scare tactic? Oh. Wait. Truth scares the hell out of the run of the mill Leftinistra political hack. I forgot. And, the pathetic drones at the Huff and Puff are saying that McCain is a back-alley thug. That cracked me up. Poor things.

The Goracle is going to be starring at the DNC Convention and I wonder if he is going to admit that he is a liar seeing that Global Warming "continuum" has figured out that he is a liar.

Another Czarbama thug whines about how McCain "is trying" to make it "appear" that Czarbama is "out of touch". No he isn't. That fact is readily apparent and true. He does that exposing every time the fool opens his yapper...you know, like inflating your tires and getting tune ups will solve rising fuel costs. Idiot.

Someone recently said that this election is about "getting even" with the GOP over the 2000 and the 2004 elections. If someone would, please let me know who said that sio I can link it here. However, to prove that true, here is a post by those drunken sots at the Saloon...it seems as though there are "chapters" in the stolen election of 2004. Damned amazing that. And, along those lines of insanity, let us not miss this; the Leftinistra want Rove in prison! That is all so rich and typical of the Liberal Pathology!! Too much really. They cite Pelosi for their cause. Pelosi? The worst SOH of the worst CONgress in recorded history? WOW!

Over at the hang out for swamp dusters, we have a pathetic anti-capitalist thug opining that the reason Dems like Big Oil is what? Simply amazing. These socialist hacks really piss me off, ya know? As if that isn't pathetic enough, we have Wizbang Dead still hacking up lie-balls saying we are in a recession. These people REALLY need to get out more. With their heads so stuffed Czarbamas' hinder hole, they are oxygen depraved on top of being just depraved. With companies reporting all time profits and more jobs being created, how does that translate into a recession again? Just curious.

And, let us not forget about the Alien Invasion...not the illegal Invasionistas but the Real Aliens.