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Friday, August 1, 2008

The Troop Surge Failed So Soldiers And Marines Perform Exit Strategy


Much to the chagrin of idiot Leftinistra and their sycophant trolls: Washington Times:
President Bush on Thursday said that the surge of 30,000 troops to Iraq that he initiated early last year is now over and has achieved significant gains, and he held out the prospect of announcing further withdrawals in about a month.

The president said that Gen. David H. Petraeus, commander of U.S. forces in Iraq, will soon make recommendations on future troop levels, which he said will include "further reductions in our combat forces as conditions permit." [...]
Put that in your bongs and suck on it.

The article goes into the usual legacy crap but the fact remains, 16 of the 18 Iraqi Benchmarks as set by the FAILED US CONgress led by DEMOCRATS have been met which really and truly rankles the pantyhose of Czarina II, San Fran Moonbat Pelosi, aka Stretch. (Her Thighness Hillary is Czarina I, FYI.) Back in April, only 12 of the 18 had been met. Now, today, the number is 16. Yep. That Surge sure failed. In June, the number was at 15 and libtards whined. I think they were whining because POLITICAL progress was being made and it was because of the MILITARY solution, just like General Petraeus told them that's what was needed. They agreed back then but soon called him General Betray Us. So much for Democrat Party honor and dignity. Power Line has a really good piece up from 10 JUL 08 for all you idiot anti-Americanist socialist twits out there.

One of the last remaining and very difficult Benchmarks was the Sunnis rejoining the Iraqi government. Well, that is also now done bringing the grand total to 16. The last two? Well, even our own CONgress wouldn't agree to any of that so we shall see. I am waiting for Maliki to tell Stretch to piss off on those last 2. It will be kind of interesting to see if any of the libtards can discover what the last 2 are so, here is a link to go find out for yourselves...I already know seeing that I have been writing about it since 2007. That was when the libtards started in earnest to lose the war to get back at the Big Meany Bush for beating them in 2 elections. Idiots. I wonder how many died because they lied?

NY Post: An Iraqi Milestone (in part)
[...] Indeed, the entire nature of the US mission has shifted: No longer are US troops primarily engaged in combat. Instead, their time is spent mostly training Iraqi soldiers - who increasingly are taking the lead role on anti-terror missions - as well as securing the border with Iran and rebuilding the Iraqi economy.

Of course, as Bush warned, "the progress is still reversible."

That can happen if America's commitment falters - and if Capitol Hill Democrats try to take advantage of the progress they for so long refused to accept by forcing a too-hasty retreat. [END]
Nothing would please Czarbama, Stretch and Hairless On The Ass Reid more than losing the war right at the tail end.

Well done me lads and welcome home.