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Thursday, August 2, 2007

Another Third Political Party

The Centre Party a U.S. Political Party

I do so solemnly swear that the United States of America is in dire straights in regards to the political machinations of the Democratic and Republican Parties. Neither Party leadership really has a clue. They have been sucked into the quagmire of jockeying for Command and Control that they have forgotten about "We The People". They spend MUCH of their time...way too much time...pandering to the fruit loops that espouse the ideals of ANSWER and Code Pinko type organizations that CLEARLY are proponents of a hybrid mix of Socialism and Communism and I have so dubbed and coined the phrase...Socio-Communal Despotists. I hereby declare exclusive ownership and copyrights and originality of said term, so published on this day, 8/2/2007. However, feel free to use it.

~SIDE BAR: Other terms I have coined and made widely known are Leftinistra and Lame Stream Media. These are MY terms that I "invented" which are used near and far and RIGHTfully so. Anyone and anybody can use the terms.

Another term I "invented" is MANGINA. Email me if you don't know what that means and you cannot figure it out on your own. END SIDE BAR~

As the title to this post so implies,I am in search of a viable third party. In my side bar on the main page of this blog, there is a section called "Third Parties". I have included this particular party called The Centre Party. As in the other two that I have listed, I have issues with them.

I will begin by posting their "Adopted Points" and I shall comment on each.

Points adopted that no political party will discuss:
1. Allow civil penalties for rouge judges, prosectors, and police. No longer would these people hide behind the infalliable shield.
First off...SPELL CHECK! If you are going to come across as a viable "join me" entity, hire a professional proof-reader. At least I have an excuse. 4 of my fingers don't work so well anymore.

Beyond that, I have one issue with Point 1. Who gets to define what a "rouge entity" is? This will need to be explored further and properly annotated.
2. Eminent Domain: If the government wants something bad enough, they should pay not only market value, but 5 times the amount for emotional uproot and displacement of the person that has to sell. The politicians want you to believe that land is just a commodotie like toothpaste, has no intrinsic value, and can be traded without trouble. This should be retroactive to 20 years. If eminent domain is used for private delopement, not only should they be paid 5 times the value, but a portion of the reported gross sales forever.
SPELL CHECK!!! Judas Priest, man!

Issue. Eminent Domain my ass. Dump the whole concept in the Boston Harbor where it belongs with the rest of the tea. Abandon the entire thought process. If the government wants or needs the property, they can pay the going fair market value, IF the owners WANT to sell. If not, either up the ante or move on. Confiscation of personal property is unacceptable under any condition.
3. Eminent Domain for Power Poles and Utilies: If your property is in the location of this need, same as above. If you are going to live in the house with the utilities poles, they should buy your property for 5 times the value because they will have to own it, because no normal person would want to live under neath power poles. Cancer anyone?
Exact same comment in regards to Point 2, plus one more. There is NO significant proof or scientific or medical documentation that power lines give you cancer. Damn.
4. All utilities on powerpoles should be placed underground. No more exposure. France does it, we need to do it too.
Agreed. Besides, they are "fugly". First Point I can accept entirely.
5. Junk Mail reduction. If you place on your mail box no flyers whatsovever, the USPS should obey it and just place bills and related items in your mail box. No junk mail means no junk mail!
Are you serious? Dump Point 5. LOL!! Damn!
6. Penaties for sending Junk Faxes, strict enforcement. The companies that advertise on the fax shall bear the pentalties, unless they can prove it was done maclious, they would have to file a police report stating they did not give permission.
Who is your writer? And who is coming up with these lame "points"? Dump #6. It sounds like a pet peeve and governance cannot ever be developed over pet peeves. Get over it.
7. Develop technology to hit a single button on the telephone to prevent faxes from using that line.
This is getting ridiculous. Who are you people? Methinks this isn't a "real" party here. Sounds like someone hates faxes and junk mail and is trying to start the No Fax Or Junk Mail Party.
8. Credit reporting Agencies must practice due diligence on reporting on Credit Reports. The name must match exactly, the social security much match, the date of birth must match. They cannot use skip trace techniques to report. They must be 100% certain that it is the person they are reporting or face $ 10,000 Penalties to the injured party.
Agreed. Due diligence is indeed called for. I wonder if they use fax machines.
9. If the person being procesecuted by the state or federal government, and they are found not guilty, the defendant is entitled to a refund of all costs associated with defending themselved plus 3 times the cost. People get hurt and scared by overzealous government agencies, and their reputations ruined. Their has to be some sort of fix to correct this.
Is your writer an American or is this all a joke?

Anyway. Agreed...as soon as the proof-reader gets finished.
10. All people in Jail can elect to take a DNA test to prove they are innocent. If they are proved innocent by DNA test, the government has an obligation to give $ 1000.00 per day of incaration to the defendent. Prosecutor and Judge and related parties to be fined for not doing due dilligence.
In essence, agreed. However, further discussion must render a clear and concise manner and not this babbling-brook diatribe.
11. News papers must be reponsible for reporting people's activiities. Especially if there is on going court proceeding. The newspapers will be required to cover the story from start to finish. They must place the news story in the same place as the orginal story when there is a not guilty verdict. They also have to count the words, and use the same amount of words to unravel the trial by news paper.
You started out OK but digressed into something I have no definition for or of. Government cannot dictate ethics. Dump Point 11.
12. Manatory alchohol treatment for people that get arrested for intoxication. The arresting officer must place this in the report. Beer companies to be taxed for this treatment service. They are reponsible for alcholism.
OK. Good and bad. Who pays the tab? And people are responsible for their own actions and not the companies that provide a service for responsible people.

Fully articulate your talking points or quit while you are ahead.
Results of "study" is as follows...I am STILL looking for a viable Third Political Party. This one ain't it.

Please hire a spell-check team. Thanks for the effort though.