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Friday, August 3, 2007

John Doe Already Kicking Terrorist Derrières

The bill only became law on Friday and, according to many, is already kicking some derrières.

The so-called "Flying Imams" dropped passengers as defendants in their bogus case just days after Congress reached a deal to shield terror tipsters from race-bias suits.

The Muslim clerics were kicked off a US Airways flight in November after passengers warned crew members the clerics were behaving like the 9/11 hijackers.

Democrats shamefully tried to strip the provision out of homeland security legislation President Bush just signed. It took a former Democrat — Independent Sen. Joe Lieberman — to come to the rescue of passengers who report suspicious activity aboard flights.

Again, our Friends of the Terrorists, the Democratic Party Leadership, has been forced by "We The People" of The New Media to Do The Right Thing.

As previously discussed here and here on this blog, many more fellow New Media Bloggers trounced upon the CONgress Crtitters and forced them to obey and RIGHTfully so.

It "IS" about time.

In addition to the John Doe Amendment being passed, we see that the vaunted CAIR is also beginning to crumble from the pressures of the New Media of which no one seems to be able to rebuff.

The only entities that denied the intentions of C.A.I.R. to replace the United States Constitution with the tenets of Islam are the Democrats and the wanna-be democrats we all know as RINOs. One of their own, Ellison, agrees with C.A.I.R. in this regard. Don't these people communicate with each other?

Just the other day, I and many others pointed out that Obama has repeated nearly verbatim that which GWB and the rest of us have known for years yet the Democrats, including Obama, have rejected the claims as well as the evidence. Yet, when convenient, they agree but make it sound like they disagree and make the facts seem to be their own.

Perhaps many Americans really are that dumb and believe all that C.R.A.P. but this DAV does not. The minions at the imploding KOSmonoffs believe it and here's your sign.

I have been shot at and missed. I have been shot at and hit. I have been stabbed. I have been blown up. I have carried the wounded. I have carried the dead. I have been carried. I have spilled the enemy's blood and my own has been spilled on the battlefields in mortal combat.

To the moonbat Leftinistra minority in numbers; Bring it on Chicken Hawks. Bring it on.

Care to roll?