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Saturday, August 4, 2007

KOSmonoffs: Update Of Implosions

Little Green Footballs ...

...has THE video of how the the KOSmonoffs support the troops. They support ONLY the troops that speak out AGAINST The War In Iraq. Anyone else is anathema. Naturally, the average KOSmonoff doesn't know what anathema "IS". Hint: anathema is not good.
When the moderator (who seems to be Jon Soltz) yells “HEY! You want me to come down there?” you can faintly hear Wesley Clark in the background saying, “oh... no...”
Wake Up America has some things to say.
Anyone still want to argue that the Democrats support our troops?

Didn't think so.
My Pet Jawa tells it like it is:

There's absolutely no way what this guy was doing could even remotely be considered 'political activity'. Since when is suggesting that the military is doing a good job a political statement? DOD releases on a daily basis similar statements. Clearly the moderator was trying to intimidate this soldier.

For instance, this video was released by the DOD today of a soldier talking about the effectiveness of the troop surge. They encourage this sort of thing.

As I told Charles when he e-mailed me about it: I wouldn't be surprised if the soldier was at YKos in an official capacity.

Hmmm. There's a thought!

The Junk Yard Blog

The Left supports the troops.

Oh, sure, they shout down uniformed soldiers who dare to address them in their Moonbat Belfry, and threaten them with court-martial to shut them up.

Yep. That's support alright.

Hot Air

Needless to say, though, that the left in general and Wes Clark in particular would balk at someone using their Absolute Moral Authority to advance a political agenda is an irony too enormous to be absorbed in one take.

And the Loony Leftinistra that sing the praises of socialism, communism or some morphed rendition of said same want to know why we conservatives state time and time again that they are dwindling in numbers and swiftly shrining into the history books as some obscure and failed fad?

Lost in space...

UPDATE to the KOSmonoff Convention; the Meeting(s) of The Barking Moonbats and their Muppet Leftinistra, the Democratic Party Presidential Aspirants...or should I say The Diasporas?

Again, Little Green Footballs is on top of things. Seeing that the American Public has been turned away from the Daily KOSmonoff Yearly Dead Head Bash, it seems as though the KOSmonoff diary of the event concerning the trashing of a Veteran in support of the war has been removed. As LGF fills us in on, the page has been removed.

Daily Kos: What happened to this soldier?!?!?

Not too long ago, a moonbat in particular whined because I removed ITS trash from my blog at Word Press. IT said basically that, "Thou shalt not do that", and, paraphrasing, IT said that "we don't do such things". Really? Double Standards of the Moonbat Brigades is astonishingly too silly to comprehend at times.

There was another such incident but before the Daily KOSmonoffs could make it diasppear, LGF got the screenshot.

Check it out.

Daily Kos: What hath Soltz Wrought?