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Friday, August 3, 2007

Comments From One Of "We The people"

At the very bottom of each page on this blog, there is a survey form. I placed it there for a reason. If someone scrolls through the entire page, something must have peeked their interest. Most just go to the most recent posts and move on as our site meters so reveal.

I consider it an honor when a "scroller" or a reader actually stops and takes the time to participate in the survey. From time to time, one will get some moonbats that write some drivel and, albeit it their comments are "Rather",well, little to be desired, they are revealing and quite often gives one a very much needed boost in morale. According to Rush Limbaugh, we "measure success by the amount of hatred and how much we are despised" by the kook fringe. If that is indeed true, I must be very successful.

However, the REAL morale booster is when a "scroller" or reader sends these words below. It is indeed an honor that the individual submitting the survey has these words to say. "We The People" are not alone. Without further ado, I present the participant in the survey I will call "Doug".

First, I contacted "Doug" for permission to post his comments;


Thank you for taking the time to participate in my survey.

I appreciate your comments you left in the survey form.

There are some things that I would take issue with IF they were objects of debate and they are not.

They were well stated and perhaps one day this DAV's thick skull will see the light.

I would, however, like to make a post of the comments but I will ask you first.

They ARE great points and articulated well.

May I use your comments as a post?

I will not use them unless I hear back from you.

And yes, every word will be published...none will be edited by omission or addition.

Below are your comments as passed on via the survey service.

Thanks for visiting and come back often.

ALL feedback is welcomed.


The reply?

"Me", Thank you for considering my comments and thoughts. Post as you desire. Thanks "Doug"

So, here they are...verbatim...absolutely no editing

If Bush and the Republicans acted like Democrats...7-21-07

Many people would agree that the Democrats have supported Islamic terrorists by working against and supporting the defeat of the terrorist surveillance program and the money transfer program along with other activities such as John Murtha {D PA} acted as judge and jury in the Haditha killings, to learn that the case has been ruled in favor of the Marines. Dick Durbin {D Il} compared our soldiers to soviet gulag guards and Hitler’s Nazis. Harry Reid {D Ne} said that the war is lost. Nancy Pelosi {D Ca} and newly elected Keith Ellison {D MN} went to Syria, a state terror sponsor during a war against Islamic fascists. Keith Ellison compared the President to Hitler. Hillary Clinton {D NY} recently asked the Pentagon if they had a withdrawal plan ready, adding to enemy propaganda. Just this last week, the Democrats cut the “John Doe” amendment from recent homeland security legislation that would protect a person from being sued if they witnessed and reported suspicious activity involving possible terrorism. The examples go on without end and the picture is clear.

There will never be a war that the Democrats will stand with the soldier on the battlefield again. The anti-war movement owns them. As our country follows the left, we have to remember that this party has advanced failure in many areas. They have been successful in removing GOD from our society and all that comes with Him, family, honor, valor, courage, and most recently virtue, of any kind. They take every opportunity to attack American moral values and virtues. Some of the more liberal Democrat leaders appear to believe that the Bible has no truth and that Christianity is based on lies. They are defeating our moral values just as they are defeating American troops. If the electorate listen to these fools, we will never win a battle again, moral or any other kind. These Democrats will defeat all that is good, moral, virtuous and American.

Radical Islam wants to defeat America because of moral decadence that has been advanced and celebrated by the left. Because radical Islam is 180 degrees opposite of liberalism, Islam wants to attack San Francisco {Pelosi, and Feinstein}, Los Angeles {Boxer}, New York City { Clinton and Schumer}, Las Vegas {Reid}, Chicago { Durbin and Obama} and Hollywood. These cities are Democrat strongholds and always will be. I find it ironic that the man that the left hates the most, President Bush, is the same man that has stopped the attacks COLD and protects the haters from attack..

If Bush and the GOP were to act like the Dems, you would see the pullout of troops from Iraq, the central battle against Islamic radicals. Then an ethnic cleansing would take place with murder and mayhem unmatched since the days of American defeat in Viet Nam. You would see the terrorist surveillance program stopped, and terror would be an everyday event for France, Germany, Italy, Denmark, England, Spain and America. The major Democrat cities would be attacked over and over. You would see Guantanamo close and the terrorist released into the battle field, in great victory. Re-enlistment of United States military would be nonexistent. Our men of honor would leave the military just as they did under President Clinton. Bush in his best John Murtha impersonation would call our men of honor cold blooded murders, and in his best Harry Reid impersonation would call the war lost. The change would be dramatic and the USA and the world would pay the price. Iran and Syria would gain the 2nd largest oil field and the money and power that goes with it. Victory would be final for the butchers of radical Islam.

With every word from Sen Harry Reid, Rep Nancy Pelosi, Sen. Dick Durbin, Sen Chuck Schumer, Sen. Hillary Clinton and Sen. Barak Obama the next generation of terrorists are born and motivated. The Democrat voice reinforces every word of Al-Qaeda and the terror organizations across the world. If America’s voice spoke of victory and victory alone, this war would be over because radical Islam would NOT have a recruiting tool. The only thing that will save all from radical Islam are American values, Bush, and the GOP. To use the Democrat voice in issues concerning the war is to damn our nation to failure.