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Thursday, August 2, 2007

Recaps Of The Day...8/2/07

Drain The Swamp

Two establishments, wrought by the Carter Administration, need to be shut down for waste and abuse...The Education Department and the Energy Department. Part of the "Beltway Bloat" also needs to be shut down...the Endowment for The Arts (whatever that "is")

But funding them adds up; they are part of the Beltway Bloat. They are an offense, as well, to the Constitution and the founders who wrote it.

When the federal government was shut down in 1996, "nonessential" federal workers were told to stay home. It sounds like a joke, but the fact the government employs nonessential workers is clear evidence that it has grown too big.

Katrinafying Minnesota's Disaster

Bodies hadn't even been pulled out of the river in the Minneapolis bridge collapse before President Bush was being blamed. But sticking it to Bush is infantile. Civic priorities are what need re-examination.

Conventional wisdom among Bush-haters has it that "Bush's" war on terror is pulling funds from necessary national infrastructure projects and letting the country fall apart. Democratic demagogues used this to good end in the Hurricane Katrina disaster that hit New Orleans, and then echoed it with the devastating tornado that flattened 99% of Greensburg, Kan., this past May.

Amazing? Read on.

The Reuters' Woopsie
For the sake of a scoop, the Reuters wire service placed 21 innocent Korean hostages held by the Taliban in dire peril. It's time the establishment media paid real penalties for their misdeeds.
Frustration of The Legislative Body

Whatever the case, Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla., was unusually frank when he told reporters that despite his best efforts, the Senate would pass the ethics and lobbying reform bill Thursday.

The problem, he explained, was that his Senate colleagues have "reproductive organs the size of BBs that won't allow them to do the right thing."

The uselessness of The Vaunted United Nations

The blood of innocent Christian missionaries spills on Afghan sands. The world watches and yawns.

The United Nations offers nothing more than a formal expression of "concern." Where is the global uproar over the human rights abuses unfolding before our eyes?

The King of Mobilization

He befuddled Democrats and the journalistic establishment because he was an up-to-date throwback. The large audience he won on the right marked the return in the U.S. of openly partisan mass media, a 19th-century phenomenon that had all but disappeared in the late 20th century.

Limbaugh is not primarily about information, though he freely uses even those bits that come his way courtesy of dreaded "liberal" media sources. His goal is mobilization, and he has been extremely good at it.

The Big Boy News Groups Spar

MSLSD Plays the Race Card and Gets Slapped Down

A Demented Waste of Human Flesh Was Caught Growing Babies

The Great Socialist Migration To Canada...Please Hurry

Liberal Media Pukes Hurting Liberal Puke Politicians

Pelosi Flexes...Be Careful With The Seams In The Face, Nancy


In the light of the atrociously pathetic approval rating of the Vaunted Democratic "Majority" Led CONgress, BOTH Houses, at an all time low of 3%, who cares what they think? Certainly NOT the "majority" of Americans.

Whose fault is that? "We The People"? GWB? The GWOT? Fear? Interest rates? Fuel costs? The economy? The "message"?

Just wondering. My take? The majority of Americans are sick and tired about hearing from our political leaders that this country sucks and is the worse nation in the known universe. Nothing can be further from the truth. MILLIONS flock here ILLEGALLY and risk it all to get here. MILLIONS more LEGALLY apply to get here. Why? If this country sucks so bad, why all the LEGAL and ILLEGAL immigration?

Bush Derangement Syndrome means more to the Leftinistra than the security of this nation.

Bush Derangement Syndrome means more to the Leftinistra than the men and women in Uniform fighting for our very existence.

Bush Derangement Syndrome means more to the Leftinistra than the Patriots of years of yore.

Bush Derangement Syndrome means more to the Leftinistra than protecting innocent babies being slaughtered in this nation by the MILLIONS.

The Leftinistra, ie, Boxers, Murthas, Reids, Pelosis and their ilk, Republican, Democrat, Independent alike are not American Patriots by ANY stretch of the imagination. Not in regards to the United States Constitution,anyway. They may be patriots but to whom and to what?

When they spend more time catering and pandering to those that what us ALL dead (Republican, Democrat, Independent, Christian, Jew, Catholic alike), their patriotism WILL be challenged and exposed.

It is time for Civil Disobedience. It IS our Constitutional Right to be so and to do so and to act so.

Our political Leadership has failed this country and it IS time for a change.

Recall CONgress. Impeach them all. Gonzales? DO YOUR DAMN JOB!!