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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Can We Put the Beauchump Issue To Rest Yet?

We all know that TNR is a Leftist rag and the verbiage within its pages can be taken with a grain of horse droppings...any more than a grain of said same will create a stench intolerable to the nostrils of decent Americans. Hint: TNR publishers and writers are not...repeat...not decent Americans. They are liars and as Murtha has disgraced himself and the Uniform of which he once wore, so TNR has disgraced themselves and have revealed and confirmed their utter contempt of the United States Armed Services. They are to be placed in the same genre of ReidCo and the crones of the Leftinistra.

The below have said, stated and investigated the ramblings and the consistent inconsistencies of the Beauchump revelers to the point that the American People will no longer tolerate the inaccurate attacks on the very ones that provide the venue of the freedom to be as retarded as they so choose to be, thus suffering from the consequences. Dissent is one thing...blatant treasonous acts are something else and IF we had an Attorney General or ANY number of CONgress Critters that had a Spine, the Unamerican Investigative Committees would be inaugurated and the scum that hate this country to the degree of which they do, would be dealt with accordingly and served a might blow, of which, they so richly deserve. Enough is enough.

Bill Roggio / Weekly Standard:
The Army Responds — I recently emailed Col. Steve Boylan asking for whatever information he could provide regarding the status of the investigation of Scott Thomas Beauchamp. Here is his response:
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Dan / Riehl World View: Updated: TNR Quotes Raise Questions

There is no defense for the individuals, establishments and businesses that actively attempt to embolden our enemies as men and women of the United States Armed Services are in harms way. What would General Patton say? What would General MacArthur say?

I have classified this post as another addition to the Fraud Veterans category because Beauchump has been shown to be a fraud and TNR has chosen to be associated with yet another Fraud Veteran, much like the MANY trolls that visit our blogs that at one moment they claim to be True Americans, the next moment they confess to be Marxists and in the next moment the same trolls say that they are current and past veterans. Recently, one of my trolls that has been CAUGHT admitting to being a communist, a jihadi troll and telling someone IT is a Captain in the USMC (which is a fraudulant act and "IS" a federal felony), has proven the utter hate and contempt they have for a Free Society while at the same time, using that SAME Free Society to try an affect a switch to allegiance to Jihadist Allah.

It is time to take arms against these Haters of America.