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Sunday, August 5, 2007

My Debut

Aug 5, 10:30AM
My debut 8/30/07

Greetings, y'all!

On the debut show of Take Our Country Back on Blog Talk Radio with Snooper, we will be talking about the nearly successful sell-out of the American People by our CONgress Critters to the ideals and ideologies of proven-to-be ineffective and unsuccessful political processes called Socialism and Communism.

For years and years; decades and decades, the American People have been indoctrinated to these processes in the guise of "Progressive". I have always asked what the term "Progressive" means and have received no clear-cut answers. The answers I have received and heard of are shallow and evasive. Apparently, no one of the left side of the aisle knows what the term means and/or implies, either.

Recently, in the CNN Yawn Tube "debates" for the Democratic contenders of the highest office in the known universe, Hillary Clinton, Czarina, Queen of Pork, was asked if she was a liberal. She replied that she was a "modern progressive".

"Progressing" towards what? If those of us old enough to remember listens carefully to those which espouse Progressivism, the red flags pop into view and the warning klaxons of impending and approaching dangers begin to wail in a fevered pitch.

All Progressivism is to the educated and the alert is the Politically Correct way of using Identity Politics mingled with Multiculturalism to utilize the touchy-feely emotional diatribe of those which espouse Socialism first, making the merger into Communism and easier reach to make.

Once Socialism takes hold in a country, the populace is suppressed and oppressed enough for the Czars to waltz in unabated. Under such a form of government, the wealth of all belongs to The State and in theory, that wealth is spread amongst the population. The theory is defective in that it never happens. The wealth of all belongs to and stays within the ruling elite and the populace is subjugated to slavery to the Nth degree.

I hope you call in to the show and participate. It will help if you were to go to Go Publius and read the long suppressed Thesis of Hillary. I contend that Hillary will be the DNC Nominee and she is clearly a Clear and Present Danger to the future of this country we call the United States of America.

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