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Friday, August 10, 2007


9 messages - 5 authors - last updated 08/10/07 12:15 AM
Randy G
Message #2
08/09/07 08:10 PM
Murtha would stomop your head you Nazi Bitch.....He hates Nazis ...Like you
I said...
Message #3
08/09/07 08:27 PM
Randy G
Murtha would stomop

"stomop" , stop spewing all over your keyboard. MORON!!!

Message #4
08/09/07 08:35 PM

Why aren't you a Marine? Failed the IQ test?

I said...
Message #5
08/09/07 08:41 PM
Why aren't you a woman? Failed the DNA test?
Randy G
Message #6
08/09/07 08:41 PM
I said=Loud Mouth Nazi Bitch
I said...
Message #7
08/09/07 08:45 PM

Randy Gay

Loud Mouth Nazi P u s s y

Jay Canuck
Message #8
08/09/07 08:49 PM
wow someone let their mutt of the leash maybe it was truth4once he likes to spit on veterans as well
Message #9
08/10/07 12:15 AM
So THIS is where all the lame moonbats are living! Glad y'all liked the post! Y'all are certainly entertaining! If y'all liked that one so much, I have a few more for that fat-assed Toad Troll Murtha. You know. the guy that had the Haditha Marines all but hung BEFORE the investigation was really underway and BEFORE the trial under the UCMJ. Oh. Wait. Too many letteres for yas? U=Uniform. C=Code. M=Military. J=Justice. Putting it all together for y'all, it's, Uniform Code of Military Justice. You know. That "military thing" that Murtha **** all over.

In the Marine Corp, since its inception, ALL Marines, departed or living, having once served, are called Former Marines. However, there is one exception and perhaps one more soon to come. Lee Harvey Oswald disgraced his Uniform and The Code of Conduct of the USMC. Since then, he hass been known as THE ONLY EX-Marine and that is lower than whale ****. Hopefully, by the time the families of the men that Murtha single-handedly destroyed for POLITICAL GAIN (which has backfired by the way) get through with Murtha, he also will be an EX-Marine...lower than whale ****. Much like y'all.

Then again, with your 3% approval ratings, we really shouldn't expect a whole lot of common decency or common sense from the mutts like yourselves.

Soldier On! And we remember, we did it and do it all for you pathetic shitballs. You know...you **** chicken hawk morons.

Have fun.

And keep looking over your shoulders. We hear that the declaration for Open Season on Moonbats is forthcoming.